Most Expensive Countries To Live In 2019

The cost of living can be expensive. Paying for necessities like housing, power, water, groceries, clothing, and gas for your vehicle can really add up. But in some nations, the cost of living is very expensive, making it a struggle for many hardworking individuals and families to make a living.

Various studies and surveys have been performed to determine which countries are the most expensive to live in. One such survey was conducted by MoveHub. This survey took several factors into consideration, including the price of groceries, utility bills, rent, and transportation. Then, the countries were compared to a benchmark – the city of New York, which is notoriously expensive.

On the survey, New York’s index score was 100, and countries were ranked against this benchmark. Any country with a index score exceeding 100 was determined to have a higher cost of living than NYC.

On this survey, just one country exceeded the benchmark. Bermuda, with a score of 126.34, was determined to be the most expensive country in the world. The capital city of Hamilton was also deemed as the most expensive city to live in.

In second place was Switzerland. Although it was determined that this nation wasn’t as expensive as New York City, a score of 90.68 indicates that it has a much higher cost of living than other nations.

In third place was Hong Kong, which had a score of 81.93. Rent in this nation was found to be particularly expensive, and most residents live in small, cramped apartments that come at a premium.

Other nations on the list of the world’s most expensive countries to live in are:

Name Cost of Living Index Population 2019
United States70.95329,064,917
United Arab Emirates63.589,770,529