Safest Countries In The World 2019

The Global Peace Index is a ranking of the safest countries in the nation. This report is published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The report researches countries to determine which are the safest, while also ranking the most dangerous. A total of 163 countries are featured in the report. There are 23 different indicators used to determine how safe or how dangerous a country is. These factors are broken into three categories:

Ongoing International and Domestic Conflict Societal Safety and Security Militarization The factors used to compile this report include: Number of internal and external violent conflicts Level of distrust Political instability Potential for terrorist acts Number of homicides Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP

Based on these factors, a score is calculated for each of the 163 nations featured in the report. The lower the score, the higher the nation is ranked in terms of safety.
According to the 2018 version of the report, the nation of Iceland is considered the world’s safest country. This isn’t the first year that this nation has received this honor. In fact, 2018 is the 11th consecutive year that Iceland took the top spot on the list. New Zealand was ranked as the second safest country in the world in 2018, keeping its spot from the report released in 2017. Austria is ranked third, rising one spot from the previous year. The top 10 safest countries in the world are as follows:

When comparing 2018’s report to the previous report released in 2017, a total of 71 countries were more peaceful than they were in the previous year. However, 92 “deteriorations” were reported in the 2018 report, indicating that 92 countries were less peaceful in 2018 than in 2017. Global peacefulness dropped for the fourth year in a row when comparing the 2018 report with previous years. This is attributed to growing conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as political instability worldwide.

Flag Name Population 2019 Area Growth Rate
Japan126,854,745377,930 km²-0.26%
Canada37,279,8119,984,670 km²0.88%
Czech Republic10,630,58978,865 km²0.05%
Portugal10,254,66692,090 km²-0.35%
Austria8,766,20183,871 km²0.16%
Singapore5,868,104710 km²1.32%
Denmark5,775,22443,094 km²0.36%
Ireland4,847,13970,273 km²0.90%
New Zealand4,792,409270,467 km²0.90%
Iceland340,566103,000 km²0.82%