Countries by Median Age 2018

The median age of a population is the point at which half the population is older than that age and half is younger. In the last 50 years, the median age of the world's population has increased by just three years, from 23.6 in 1950 to 26.4 in 2000. However, median ages vary significantly across the globe, and are influenced by a number of factors, such as birth rates, social and economic development and average life expectancies within individual countries.

The African country of Niger has the lowest median age in the world at just 15.3 years (15.2 years for males and 15.4 for females). In fact, the vast majority of the countries with median ages of under 20 are in Africa. This is reflective of the fact that poverty, disease and ongoing conflict situations mean that life expectancy in many African countries is much lower than in developed countries. According to World Health Organisation statistics, Niger has an average life expectancy of 61.8. However, this is still quite a bit higher than that of a number of other African countries. Sierra Leone, for example, with its median age of 19 years, has an average life expectancy of just 50.1 years.

This is in contrast to highly developed countries such as Japan, where the median age is 46.9 years, and Germany at 46.8 years. However, it is the tiny, but incredibly wealthy, European principality of Monaco that tops the median age list at 52.4 years (51.1 years for males and 53.7 years for females). Not surprisingly, life expectancies in these countries are also high: Japan consistently has the longest-lived population in the world with a life expectancy of 83.7 (World Health Organization statistics don't include Monaco, although the CIA's World Factbook statistics put the overall life expectancy at birth for citizens of Monaco above Japan at 89.5).

It is also worth noting that median age statistics are also somewhat skewed by the fact that, at a global level, women consistently outlive men and therefore have higher median ages. This occurs regardless of country, although the differences aren't always significant. Furthermore, female-specific conditions (such as death in childbirth), can reduce life expectancy in women, particularly in developing countries.

Place Median Median Male Median Female
Monaco53.1 years51.7 years54.5 years
Japan47.3 years46 years48.7 years
Germany47.1 years46 years48.2 years
Saint Pierre and Miquelon46.5 years46 years47 years
Italy45.5 years44.4 years46.5 years
Slovenia44.5 years42.8 years46.2 years
Greece44.5 years43.5 years45.6 years
San Marino44.4 years43.3 years45.4 years
Hong Kong44.4 years43.5 years45 years
Andorra44.3 years44.4 years44.1 years
Isle of Man44.2 years43.3 years44.9 years
Austria44 years42.8 years45.1 years
Guernsey43.8 years42.5 years45.1 years
Lithuania43.7 years39.7 years47.1 years
Latvia43.6 years39.7 years46.9 years
Bermuda43.4 years41.5 years45.3 years
Liechtenstein43.2 years41.7 years44.5 years
Croatia43 years41.1 years45 years
Spain42.7 years41.5 years43.9 years
Estonia42.7 years39.4 years46.1 years
Bulgaria42.7 years40.9 years44.7 years
Serbia42.6 years40.9 years44.3 years
Netherlands42.6 years41.5 years43.6 years
Finland42.5 years40.9 years44.3 years
Switzerland42.4 years41.4 years43.4 years
Hungary42.3 years40.4 years44.3 years
Denmark42.2 years41.2 years43.2 years
Canada42.2 years40.9 years43.5 years
Portugal42.2 years40.2 years44.4 years
Bosnia and Herzegovina42.1 years40.5 years43.5 years
Czech Republic42.1 years40.8 years43.4 years
South Korea41.8 years40.2 years43.4 years
Malta41.8 years40.8 years43 years
Puerto Rico41.5 years39.5 years43.2 years
Cuba41.5 years40.1 years42.6 years
France41.4 years39.6 years43.1 years
Belgium41.4 years40.2 years42.7 years
Sweden41.2 years40.2 years42.2 years
Romania41.1 years39.7 years42.6 years
Sint Maarten41 years39.9 years42 years
Poland40.7 years39 years42.4 years
Montenegro40.7 years39.9 years41.8 years
Taiwan40.7 years40 years41.5 years
Ukraine40.6 years37.4 years43.7 years
United Kingdom40.5 years39.3 years41.7 years
Slovakia40.5 years38.8 years42.3 years
Belarus40 years37.1 years43.1 years
Cayman Islands40 years39.3 years40.7 years
Russia39.6 years36.6 years42.5 years
Macau39.3 years39.5 years39.1 years
Aruba39.3 years37.5 years41.1 years
Luxembourg39.3 years38.7 years39.9 years
Norway39.2 years38.4 years40 years
Australia38.7 years37.9 years39.5 years
Barbados38.6 years37.5 years39.8 years
Georgia38.1 years35.3 years40.9 years
United States38.1 years36.8 years39.4 years
Jersey38 years36.3 years40.7 years
New Zealand37.9 years37.1 years38.8 years
Macedonia37.9 years36.8 years39 years
Thailand37.7 years36.6 years38.7 years
Faroe Islands37.6 years37.1 years38.3 years
China37.4 years36.5 years38.4 years
Cyprus36.8 years35.5 years38.3 years
Ireland36.8 years36.4 years37.1 years
Moldova36.7 years34.9 years38.6 years
British Virgin Islands36.5 years36.3 years36.6 years
Cook Islands36.5 years36 years37 years
Iceland36.5 years35.9 years37.1 years
Trinidad and Tobago36 years35.6 years36.6 years
Seychelles35.4 years34.9 years36 years
Mauritius35.3 years34.2 years36.3 years
Armenia35.1 years33.3 years36.9 years
Saint Kitts and Nevis35 years35.2 years34.8 years
Uruguay35 years33.1 years36.7 years
Saint Lucia34.8 years33.7 years36 years
Anguilla34.8 years32.9 years36.7 years
Gibraltar34.7 years33.8 years35.7 years
Singapore34.6 years34.5 years34.7 years
Chile34.4 years33.2 years35.6 years
North Korea34 years32.5 years35.6 years
Greenland33.9 years35 years32.7 years
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines33.6 years33.8 years33.4 years
Northern Mariana Islands33.6 years32.8 years34.4 years
Dominica33.5 years33 years34 years
Palau33.4 years32.7 years35 years
Turks and Caicos Islands33.3 years33.6 years33 years
Montserrat33.2 years32.6 years33.7 years
Qatar33.2 years34.3 years28.1 years
Albania32.9 years31.6 years34.3 years
Sri Lanka32.8 years31.5 years34 years
Saint Martin32.5 years31.6 years33.4 years
Bahrain32.3 years33.8 years29.5 years
Wallis and Futuna32.2 years31.3 years33.4 years
Brazil32 years31.1 years32.8 years
New Caledonia32 years31.3 years32.7 years
Antigua and Barbuda31.9 years30 years33.5 years
French Polynesia31.9 years31.7 years32.1 years
Argentina31.7 years30.5 years32.9 years
Tunisia31.6 years31 years32.2 years
Grenada31.5 years31.5 years31.6 years
Azerbaijan31.3 years29.8 years33 years
Costa Rica31.3 years30.8 years31.8 years
Turkey30.9 years30.5 years31.4 years
Kazakhstan30.6 years29.3 years31.9 years
Lebanon30.5 years29.9 years31.1 years
Vietnam30.5 years29.4 years31.7 years
United Arab Emirates30.3 years32.1 years25 years
Iran30.3 years30 years30.5 years
Brunei30.2 years29.7 years30.7 years
Indonesia30.2 years29.6 years30.8 years
Colombia30 years29 years31 years
Israel29.9 years29.3 years30.6 years
Suriname29.8 years29.4 years30.2 years
Morocco29.3 years28.6 years29.9 years
Kuwait29.3 years30.4 years27.4 years
Panama29.2 years28.8 years29.6 years
Guam29 years28.3 years29.7 years
Libya28.9 years29.1 years28.7 years
Fiji28.9 years28.7 years29.1 years
Uzbekistan28.6 years28 years29.2 years
Malaysia28.5 years28.2 years28.8 years
Mongolia28.3 years27.5 years29.2 years
Venezuela28.3 years27.6 years29 years
Mexico28.3 years27.2 years29.4 years
Maldives28.2 years28.1 years28.3 years
Paraguay28.2 years28 years28.5 years
Dominican Republic28.1 years27.9 years28.3 years
Algeria28.1 years27.8 years28.4 years
Peru28 years27.2 years28.8 years
India27.9 years27.2 years28.6 years
Turkmenistan27.9 years27.5 years28.4 years
Ecuador27.7 years27 years28.4 years
Bhutan27.6 years28.2 years27.1 years
Saudi Arabia27.5 years28.2 years26.7 years
South Africa27.1 years26.9 years27.3 years
El Salvador27.1 years25.6 years28.6 years
Bangladesh26.7 years26 years27.3 years
Kyrgyzstan26.5 years25.4 years27.6 years
Nauru26.4 years27 years25.7 years
Guyana26.2 years25.9 years26.6 years
Jamaica26 years25.5 years26.5 years
Nicaragua25.7 years24.8 years26.6 years
Tuvalu25.7 years24.7 years26.9 years
Oman25.6 years26.6 years24.2 years
American Samoa25.5 years25.1 years26 years
Cambodia25.3 years24.6 years26 years
Kiribati24.6 years23.8 years25.5 years
Tajikistan24.5 years23.9 years25.1 years
Botswana24.5 years23.5 years25.6 years
Samoa24.4 years24.1 years24.6 years
Bolivia24.3 years23.6 years25 years
Syria24.3 years23.9 years24.8 years
Lesotho24.2 years24.2 years24.2 years
Nepal24.1 years22.8 years25.3 years
Djibouti23.9 years22.1 years25.3 years
Egypt23.9 years23.6 years24.2 years
Pakistan23.8 years23.7 years23.8 years
Philippines23.5 years23.1 years24 years
Papua New Guinea23.1 years23.2 years23.1 years
Tonga23 years22.5 years23.4 years
Haiti23 years22.7 years23.2 years
Honduras23 years22.6 years23.3 years
Laos23 years22.7 years23.3 years
Marshall Islands22.9 years22.8 years23 years
Belize22.7 years22.5 years22.9 years
Solomon Islands22.5 years22.3 years22.8 years
Jordan22.5 years22.9 years22 years
Guatemala22.1 years21.4 years22.8 years
Vanuatu22 years21.6 years22.4 years
Swaziland21.7 years21.5 years21.9 years
Namibia21.2 years20.4 years21.9 years
Western Sahara21.1 years20.9 years21.3 years
Ghana21.1 years20.6 years21.6 years
Mauritania20.5 years19.5 years21.4 years
Guinea-Bissau20.1 years19.7 years20.6 years
Iraq20 years19.8 years20.3 years
Zimbabwe20 years19.6 years20.4 years
Sudan19.9 years19.7 years20.1 years
Comoros19.9 years19.2 years20.5 years
Equatorial Guinea19.8 years19.3 years20.3 years
Togo19.8 years19.5 years20.1 years
Madagascar19.7 years19.5 years19.9 years
Eritrea19.7 years19.2 years20.1 years
Central African Republic19.7 years19.4 years20 years
Republic of the Congo19.7 years19.5 years19.8 years
Kenya19.7 years19.6 years19.9 years
Yemen19.5 years19.3 years19.6 years
Sierra Leone19 years18.4 years19.6 years
Rwanda19 years18.3 years19.8 years
Guinea18.9 years18.7 years19.1 years
Timor-Leste18.9 years18.3 years19.6 years
Senegal18.8 years18 years19.7 years
Afghanistan18.8 years18.8 years18.9 years
Gabon18.6 years18.4 years18.8 years
Cameroon18.5 years18.4 years18.7 years
Sao Tome and Principe18.4 years18 years18.8 years
Nigeria18.4 years18.3 years18.5 years
Benin18.2 years17.9 years18.6 years
Somalia18.1 years18.3 years17.9 years
Ethiopia17.9 years17.7 years18.1 years
Liberia17.8 years17.5 years18 years
Chad17.8 years16.8 years18.8 years
Tanzania17.7 years17.5 years18 years
Burkina Faso17.3 years17.1 years17.4 years
South Sudan17.3 years17.2 years17.5 years
Mozambique17.2 years16.6 years17.8 years
Burundi17 years16.8 years17.3 years
Zambia16.8 years16.6 years16.9 years
Malawi16.5 years16.4 years16.7 years
Angola15.9 years15.4 years16.3 years
Uganda15.8 years15.7 years15.9 years
Mali15.8 years15.1 years16.4 years
Niger15.4 years15.3 years15.5 years