Denmark Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Denmark is also known as Dannebrog. This Danish flag has a very simple design that prominently features the Scandinavian cross. The top of the cross is positioned on the hoist side of the flag.

The meaning of the Scandinavian cross is simple. This design symbolized Christianity. Flags featuring the Scandinavian cross are used in all Nordic countries with the exception of Greenland.

Colors of the Flag

There are just two colors used in the Danish flag: red and white. A white Scandinavian cross is featured on a red field. This cross extends to all edges of the flag. These colors were selected because the kings of Denmark used a white-on-red cross dating back to the 14th century.

History of the Flag

The white-on-red cross design was used as the flag of the Holy Roman Empire in the 12th century but was also depicted as being used by the king of Denmark in the 14th century.

The flag was first used as a maritime flag before it was used by the Danish Army in the 18th century. In the early 1800s, the flag was used for the militia and in 1842, the flag was used by the nation’s entire army. The flag became the unofficial national flag until it was outlawed for use by private citizens. However, the ban on private use of the Danish flag was repealed later in the 19th century.

Flag Facts

The use of the Danish flag was banned for private use from 1834 until 1854.

The national flag of Denmark is the oldest continuously-used national flag in the world.

Some regions in Denmark have unofficial flags. These are not recognized by the government and are designated as “fantasy flags.”

NameRigets flag
ColorsRed and White
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Red with a white Nordic cross

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