States Where FGM is Legal 2022

What Is FGM?

There are a lot of states that have laws regulating a wide variety of procedures, and one of the biggest examples is called female genital mutilation. This is typically abbreviated fgm, and it is a procedure where female generals are deliberately changed, injured, or cut. Furthermore, with female genital mutilation, there is typically not any medical reason for the procedure to be done. In some situations, it can be called female circumcision, but the terms are universal. Now, it is something that is widely regulated, and it is typically seen as inhumane. Therefore, the dash majority of states have laws against this practice, and it is no longer widespread.

What Are the Top Signs that FGM Has Taken Place?

There are several signs that could indicate that someone has been exposed to this practice. For example, individuals might have a difficult time sitting, standing, or walking. There are also situations where women who have had this procedure done might spend a longer amount of time in the bathroom because it takes them longer to use the restroom. It is not unusual for women who have had this procedure done to feel a bit depressed, anxious, or withdrawn. There are also a lot of situations where women who have had this procedure done might be reluctant to go to the doctor because they do not want to answer questions about it. Typically, women do not have this procedure done willingly, so it can be seen as a sign of abuse.

What States Have Laws Against FGM?

It might come as a surprise to hear that not every state in the United States has a law against this practice. There are ten states that do not currently have a law on the books against this procedure. They include ME, MS, AL, NE, NM, HI, AK, MT, and WA. Every other state in the country, including Washington DC, has a law that explicitly bans this procedure from being done. Even though a state might not have a specific law on the books against this procedure, it is possible for someone who forces a woman to have the procedure done to be prosecuted under a separate law. The exact nature of the prosecution will vary from state to state.

Why Is FGM Frowned Upon?

There are lots of reasons why this procedure is no longer considered okay. First, it totally strips the woman of any body autonomy she might have. It is virtually unheard of for a woman to get this procedure done willingly, so it has to be forced upon her by somebody else. Furthermore, it can have a negative impact on her experience when she uses the bathroom or has sexual intercourse. As a result, it can lead to significant quality of life concerns. For all of these reasons, the vast majority of states in the country have introduced laws against this practice. It is entirely possible that more laws could be introduced down the road.

States Where FGM is Legal 2022