Population of Counties in Texas (2020)

With a population of 4,652,980, Harris County is the largest county in Texas, and has an impressive growth rate of 13.7%. Dallas County, Tarrant County, Bexar County and Travis County make up the rest of the top five most populous counties in Texas, with each having populations of more than a million. Additionally, all show growth rates of between 10.6% (Dallas County) and 19.7% (Travis County).

Loving County in western Texas is both the smallest county in the state (and the second-smallest in the nation after Kalawao County in the state of Hawaii, which has a population of 88), with a tiny population of just 134 according to the most recent census estimate for the area (a jump up from the recorded 82 residents in 2010). However, Loving County also has the biggest increase in population, with a growth rate of 63.4% (although the actual number of people represented by this number is still very small, given the overall population of the county).

Other counties with very small populations include King County (294), Kenedy County (428), and Borden County (660). These counties also show population increases, although with more modest percentages of 1.73%, 2.64% and 2.17%. In terms of growth rates, there is quite a disparity between Loving County and the counties with the second and third highest growth rates. These areHays County, with a population of 204,345 and a growth rate of 29.17%, and Fort Bend County, with its 741,958 residents and a growth rate of 25.69%, according to the most recent census estimates.

Name 2020 Population Growth Since 2010
Harris County4,698,62014.38%
Dallas County2,637,77011.19%
Tarrant County2,084,93014.71%
Bexar County1,986,05015.28%
Travis County1,248,74021.17%
Collin County1,005,15027.49%
Hidalgo County865,93911.13%
Denton County859,06428.84%
El Paso County840,7584.62%
Fort Bend County787,85833.48%
Montgomery County590,92528.68%
Williamson County566,71932.94%
Cameron County423,9083.99%
Brazoria County370,20017.73%
Nueces County362,2656.47%
Bell County355,64213.68%
Galveston County337,89015.53%
Lubbock County307,4129.67%
Webb County275,9109.75%
Jefferson County255,0011.01%
McLennan County254,6077.92%
Smith County230,2219.42%
Brazos County226,75815.89%
Hays County222,63140.72%
Ellis County179,43619.33%
Midland County172,57825.98%
Johnson County171,36113.30%
Guadalupe County163,69423.45%
Ector County162,12418.27%
Comal County148,37335.79%
Parker County138,37117.94%
Taylor County137,6404.40%
Randall County136,27112.45%
Grayson County133,99110.71%
Wichita County132,0640.20%
Kaufman County128,62223.81%
Gregg County123,7071.41%
Potter County119,648-1.43%
Tom Green County118,1896.79%
Rockwall County100,65727.56%
Hunt County96,49311.70%
Bowie County94,3241.82%
Victoria County92,0355.94%
Angelina County87,0920.22%
Bastrop County86,97616.96%
Liberty County86,32313.80%
Orange County83,5721.90%
Henderson County82,2994.68%
Coryell County74,808-1.13%
Walker County72,4806.21%
Wise County68,30515.57%
San Patricio County66,8933.82%
Harrison County66,7261.46%
Nacogdoches County65,7111.58%
Starr County64,5255.52%
Hood County60,53718.08%
Maverick County58,4857.41%
Anderson County58,057-0.75%
Hardin County57,2074.42%
Van Zandt County56,0196.52%
Rusk County54,4502.04%
Waller County53,12622.06%
Cherokee County52,5923.23%
Kerr County52,4055.61%
Medina County50,92110.39%
Atascosa County50,31011.92%
Wilson County50,22416.65%
Polk County50,03110.09%
Lamar County49,728-0.18%
Navarro County49,5653.54%
Val Verde County49,2080.47%
Burnet County47,54211.20%
Kendall County45,64135.77%
Wood County45,1297.50%
Caldwell County43,24713.42%
Chambers County42,45419.77%
Erath County42,44611.94%
Wharton County41,6190.82%
Upshur County41,2604.78%
Jim Wells County40,822-0.15%
Cooke County40,5745.46%
Brown County37,924-0.40%
Hopkins County36,8104.56%
Matagorda County36,552-0.42%
Howard County36,4594.19%
Hill County36,3543.44%
Jasper County35,8720.27%
Fannin County35,2864.03%
Washington County35,1084.17%
Hale County33,830-6.73%
Titus County33,0331.89%
Bee County32,5872.27%
Kleberg County31,129-2.83%
Cass County30,119-1.10%
Austin County29,9895.74%
Palo Pinto County28,8752.82%
San Jacinto County28,7198.48%
Grimes County28,3606.56%
Uvalde County26,8461.52%
Gillespie County26,8047.70%
Shelby County25,418-0.16%
Fayette County25,3493.21%
Milam County25,1311.83%
Aransas County23,7922.63%
Limestone County23,5190.12%
Houston County23,169-2.16%
Panola County23,148-2.62%
Hockley County22,9800.56%
Bandera County22,82411.00%
Gray County21,895-2.55%
Tyler County21,696-0.29%
Llano County21,64611.96%
Calhoun County21,5611.16%
Willacy County21,515-3.20%
Moore County21,485-2.37%
Lampasas County21,2297.40%
Colorado County21,2171.65%
Hutchinson County21,198-4.57%
Gaines County20,90118.83%
Gonzales County20,8265.19%
DeWitt County20,1870.66%
Lavaca County20,1104.44%
Jones County19,817-2.08%
Frio County19,81614.82%
Freestone County19,8080.03%
Montague County19,596-0.61%
Deaf Smith County18,760-3.62%
Bosque County18,6912.29%
Burleson County18,3896.69%
Eastland County18,322-1.46%
Andrews County18,12822.08%
Young County18,045-2.58%
Falls County17,335-3.13%
Robertson County17,2844.41%
Leon County17,2703.25%
Lee County17,1443.33%
Scurry County16,866-0.37%
Reeves County15,69513.44%
Pecos County15,6730.98%
Karnes County15,6505.11%
Jackson County14,8745.56%
Nolan County14,751-3.25%
Trinity County14,7400.07%
Madison County14,4224.99%
Zapata County14,1900.73%
Callahan County13,9943.56%
Newton County13,746-4.86%
Comanche County13,534-3.00%
Lamb County13,158-5.97%
Camp County13,0335.13%
Wilbarger County12,820-5.11%
Dawson County12,619-8.74%
Morris County12,339-4.50%
Terry County12,287-3.11%
Red River County12,175-5.45%
Live Oak County12,1665.28%
Rains County12,15911.42%
Zavala County11,9832.17%
Ward County11,72010.64%
Blanco County11,70211.34%
Duval County11,212-4.35%
Franklin County10,7661.48%
Sabine County10,589-2.61%
Clay County10,456-2.62%
Dimmit County10,3082.64%
Runnels County10,234-2.64%
Ochiltree County9,947-2.19%
Marion County9,928-5.34%
Parmer County9,864-3.90%
Stephens County9,433-1.91%
Brewster County9,2670.08%
Somervell County9,0166.06%
Jack County8,843-1.82%
Archer County8,786-3.58%
Yoakum County8,5919.43%
Hamilton County8,4840.22%
Coleman County8,397-5.35%
San Augustine County8,232-7.03%
Mitchell County8,145-13.47%
McCulloch County7,987-2.96%
Winkler County7,7208.93%
Castro County7,665-5.67%
Goliad County7,5845.06%
La Salle County7,5318.92%
Swisher County7,462-5.76%
Childress County7,2913.13%
Dallam County7,2006.70%
Brooks County7,114-1.30%
Refugio County7,032-4.65%
Bailey County7,027-1.78%
Presidio County6,948-11.78%
Garza County6,5781.68%
San Saba County6,054-1.30%
Carson County6,005-2.56%
Lynn County5,877-0.63%
Floyd County5,837-8.84%
Haskell County5,813-1.12%
Crosby County5,779-4.10%
Martin County5,75319.63%
Hartley County5,619-7.34%
Hansford County5,463-2.46%
Delta County5,3492.06%
Jim Hogg County5,248-0.76%
Wheeler County5,191-3.64%
Mills County4,921-0.95%
Hudspeth County4,79538.10%
Crane County4,7949.40%
Kimble County4,362-5.22%
Mason County4,2806.73%
Concho County4,2764.24%
Hardeman County3,922-5.70%
Fisher County3,839-3.37%
Hemphill County3,8250.79%
Kinney County3,7674.93%
Sutton County3,758-7.48%
Reagan County3,74111.57%
Upton County3,6719.98%
Knox County3,653-1.88%
Baylor County3,582-3.40%
Crockett County3,499-5.46%
Real County3,4784.70%
Coke County3,3701.54%
Lipscomb County3,3552.19%
Donley County3,319-11.11%
Shackelford County3,253-3.96%
Sherman County3,0791.79%
Hall County3,028-9.85%
Collingsworth County2,962-3.01%
Schleicher County2,895-17.36%
Cochran County2,836-9.88%
Jeff Davis County2,252-3.92%
Dickens County2,249-8.09%
Culberson County2,204-8.32%
Menard County2,139-4.08%
Oldham County2,1313.95%
Edwards County1,928-3.55%
Armstrong County1,892-0.53%
Irion County1,522-5.29%
Briscoe County1,516-7.11%
Throckmorton County1,515-7.57%
Cottle County1,389-8.13%
Glasscock County1,38812.66%
Stonewall County1,362-8.96%
Sterling County1,31115.30%
Motley County1,2342.41%
Foard County1,200-10.78%
Roberts County903-2.27%
Terrell County823-18.60%
McMullen County7495.34%
Kent County726-10.59%
Borden County6480.31%
Kenedy County4426.00%
King County277-3.82%
Loving County15280.95%