How Old is America?

The question, “How old is America?” could have several answers. The first answer refers back to when the indigenous people first settled the land that is now known as America. The second answer refers to when America gained its freedom from the British and became known as the United States of America. The United States of America was founded in 1776, making the country 243 years old as of 2019.

The earliest history of what is now America occurred when the land was settled by indigenous people before 15,000 B.C. It is not known exactly when it was first settled, but it is believed that people migrated rom Eurasia through the Beringia land bridge before settling throughout the Americas. It is believed that this settlement could have begun as many as 30,000 years ago. Migration is thought to have continued through the land bridge until about 10,000 years ago when it was submerged by rising sea levels.

The original inhabitants were known as Paleoamericans and were part of hundreds of nations and tribes. As time passed, the Native Americans continued to inhabitant the land and many distinct cultures were formed. This continued through the 15th century, which brought Christopher Columbus to the land and marked the beginning of European colonization.

However, it wasn’t until after European exploration when the first English settlement was established in the early 17th century. During this time, Europeans brought over many things to the Americas, including horses and cattle. They also brought back goods from America including potatoes, tobacco and other crops. Early settlers and explorers died after being exposed to diseases of the Americas. However, things were worse for the Native Americans, who were exposed to Eurasian diseases and died in large numbers.

The first successful colony was Jamestown, which was established in what is now Virginia. Throughout these early years, the thirteen colonies were established. The Georgia Colony was the last to be established in 1733.

It was in the last 18th century when the colonies launched the American Revolution. This was a rebellion against the British. Prior to the American Revolution, tensions were growing between the colonists and the British, primarily over the British’s imposition of more taxes and exercising more control. One year after the rebellion began, the colonies declared themselves independent of Britain and named themselves the United States of America. The Revolutionary War continued on through 1783. However, the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 was the day that the United States of America came to be. This is why Independence Day is celebrated every year on July 4, in celebration of the birth of America.