Where is Albania in the World?

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Albania is a European country in the southeast region of the continent. Also known as the Republic of Albania, the country is situated next to the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Across the seas lies the country of Italy.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Albania

Albania has a latitude of 41.1533° N and a longitude of 20.1683° E. The GPS coordinates of Albania place the country above the equator. Albania is located in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the globe.

Albania is surrounded by land in three directions, while the entire southern border of the country lies along two major bodies of water. Montenegro is to the north of. Albania and Serbia is to the northeast. Macedonia lies just east of Albania and Greece borders Albania to the southeast.

Albania's Most Extreme Points in Every Direction

The northernmost point of Albania is located at a coordinate of 42°30' N. This point is slightly west of the town of Kuti. Out of all the countries in the world, Albania has the 156th most southern point on the globe. This points is located in the Sarandë Region along the coast of Albania. As part of the northern hemisphere, Albania’s southernmost point has a latitude of 39°39' N.

In the east, the most extreme point of Albania is 21°4'6" E. This point is situated in Devoll District, which is a municipality in the county of Korçë. In the west, Albania extends as far as a longitude of 19°16'32" E. The westernmost point of the country is part of Albania’s largest island, called Sazan Island, within the city limits of Vlorë.

How Big is Albania?

The total area of Albania is approximately 11,100 square miles. Albania is 4.7% water and 95.3% land. In numbers, this equates to about 521 square miles of water and roughly 10,578 square miles of land. Roughly 296 miles make up the coastline of Albania. Regarding physical size, Albania ranks as the 141st largest country.

The population of Albania was most recently estimated as 2,936,309 people. Albania’s population accounts for roughly 0.04% of the world’s total population.

From here, the population density can be calculated by dividing the area by the population. The density of Albania is a value of approximately 265 people per square mile. Based on population density alone, Albania is the 63rd most densely populated country in the world.]]

Official Name
Republic of Albania
Common Name
28,748 km²
Bordering Countries
Montenegro, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo
Calling Code
41, 20
Southern Europe

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