Where is Angola in the World?

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Angola is a country located in the southern region of Central Africa. Known as the Republic of Angola, the country lies along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded on all sides by land - with the exception of its western border - Angola shares borders with three other African countries: Zambia, Namibia, and the Congo.

Angola's Latitudinal and Longitudinal Coordinates

The latitude and longitude of Angola are 11.2027° S and 17.8739° E, respectively. With a latitude in the south, Angola is located below the equator, in the southern hemisphere. The longitude of Angola shows that the country can be found in the eastern hemisphere of the world.

Points of Extremity in Angola

Angola's northernmost point of extremity lies in Caio Bemba. As the 170th most northern point of extremity of all 196 countries, Angola's point is at a latitudinal coordinate of 8°40' W. To the south, Angola extends as far as a latitude of 18°02' S. The country's southernmost point can be found in the Cuando Cubango Province. This part of Angola is very close to the town of Dirico, where Angola and Namibia connect.

The easternmost point of Angola is located in the province of Moxico. The longitude of this point is 24°00' E. While it is clear that Angola's extreme point in the east is on the border between Zambia and Angola, the exact location of this point remains unknown. The greatest level of precision that has been discovered so far is that the easternmost point is somewhere along the border's river. With a longitude of 11°40' E, the most western point of Angola is situated on the island of Baia dos Tigres. As number eighty-five on the list of northernmost points ranked by proximity to the North Pole, Angola's most extreme point in the north is part of the Namibe Province.

Population and Area

Since populations fluctuate, this number is likely to rise and fall on a daily basis. The total population of Angola, as of 2019, is roughly 31,289,040 people. Angola’s total area is a grand sum of 481,351 square miles. The population density of Angola can be found by dividing the population size by the total area. This value comes to about 65 people per square mile of land.

Official Name
Republic of Angola
Common Name
1,246,700 km²
Bordering Countries
Republic of the Congo, DR Congo, Zambia, Namibia
Calling Code
-12.5, 18.5
Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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