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Austria, or the Republic of Austria, is a Central European country. As a German-speaking country, Austria is logically near Germany. With the Czech Republic and Germany along its northern border, Austria also shares borders with Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Slovenia and Italy surround Austria in the south, while Slovakia and Hungary border Austria in the east. Therefore, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are European countries situated along Austria's western border.

Austria's GPS Coordinates

The latitude of Austria is 47.5162° N, which means the country is located in the northern hemisphere. Similarly, with a longitude of 14.5501° E, Austria is in the eastern hemisphere. The coordinates of Austria place the country to the north of the equator.

Most Extreme Points of Austria

Austria's northernmost point is located in Neumühlbach. As part of the state of Lower Austria, the country's point of extremity in the north is situated at a coordinate of 49°01' N. To the south, the country's furthest coordinate is a latitude of 46°23' N. Located above the equator, the southernmost point of Austria is part of the state of Carinthia. The most extreme point in the south also lies on the Austrian-Slovenian border.

The easternmost point of Austria is in Burgenland, which happens to be the state in Austria with the smallest population size. With a longitude of 17°9'38" E, the eastern point of extremity is Austria's Deutsch Jahrndorf municipality in the Neusiedl am See. In the west, Austria reaches an extremity of 9°31'51" E. In the state of Vorarlberg, Austria's westernmost point is situated on the European river, Rhine.

Population Size, Total Area, and Overall Density

The population of Austria as of 2019 is approximately 8,759,187 people. Austria is the 96th most populous country across the globe.

Austria is made up of 32,383 square miles. The total area of Austria is broken down into 31,832 square miles of land and 551 square miles of water. With a length of 138.19 miles and a width of 242.12 miles, Austria is a country comprised of nine individual states.

By knowing the population and the total area of Austria, we can calculate the country’s population density. This number represents a value that describes the relationship between a country’s population and total area. Essentially, population densities express how many people there are for every square mile of area in a certain location. When it comes to Austria, the population density is about 28 people per square mile.

Official Name
Republic of Austria
Common Name
83,871 km²
Bordering Countries
Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland
Calling Code
47.33333333, 13.33333333
Western Europe

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