Belgium National Anthem

What Is the National Anthem of Belgium?

The national anthem of Belgium is titled La Brabanconne. The original title was Brabant, which is French. The national anthem has also been translated into Dutch and German. The original national anthem was written in September of 1830. At that time, Belgium was undergoing a significant Revolution, and the song was written by a young revolutionary soldier named Jenneval. He was meeting with several other people at a cafe called Aigle d’Or, and he believed it was necessary for the revolutionary movement to have a song to rally around. This led to the composition of the Belgian national anthem. The real name of Jenneval was Alexandre Dechet, and he was an actor in the theater at the time. Belgium was fighting for its independence from the Netherlands, which led to the composition of the song.

Has the Belgian National Anthem Changed Over Time?

Yes, the Belgian national anthem has been edited a bit during the past few centuries. First, the Belgian national anthem is largely based on La Marseillaise, which is the French national anthem and was composed during the French Revolution. Eventually, the Belgian national anthem was edited to give a bit more distance between its national anthem and the National Anthem of France. Then, in 1860, the Belgian national anthem was edited once again. Initially, there were lyrics in the Belgian national anthem that were attacking the Prince of Orange, who is Dutch. It was not believed to be proper to have a national anthem that attacks another country, so the lyrics were changed slightly.

What Does the Belgian National Anthem Talk About?

There are a lot of prominent themes that are easy to spot in the Belgian national anthem. For example, the Belgian national anthem talks about patriotism and independence. The national anthem encourages the people of Belgium to rise up and fight to defend what is important to them. The Belgian national anthem also talks about the importance of remaining strong even in the face of strife, and how they can make their forefathers proud by fighting for their independence. Even though it might be difficult to defend freedom, it is important not only for today but also for the future. These are all prominent themes that are discussed in the Belgian national anthem.

Is There a Similarity Between the Belgian National Anthem and the Anthems of Other Countries?

There were a lot of countries that were composing national anthems around the same time, particularly as democracy was spreading across the world. Therefore, it is not unusual to see similarities between the Belgian national anthem and the national anthems of other countries. As an example, there are lots of countries that talk about freedom and independence in the lyrics of their national anthems. There are also countries that talk about fighting for freedom from a tyrannical government and the importance of building a national identity. This is something that can be found in the Belgian national anthem.

Belgium National Anthem Lyrics