Belize Flag

Belize Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Belize features the national coat of arms. The design of the coat of arms centers around the logging industry, which is why this nation was first settled. In addition to the national coat of arms, the flag pays further homage to the logging industry with a design that includes a mahogany tree and a mestizo man and African man holding up the coat of arms.

The colors of the flag are used to represent the national parties of this nation: the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party. The flag of Belize also features the national motto, Sub Umbra Floreo. In English, this means, “Under the shade I flourish.”

The design of the flag also includes 50 leaves. These leaves are used in reference to 1950 – the year that the People’s United Party gained power.

Colors of the Flag

The field of Belize’s flag is royal blue, which is used to represent the People’s United Party. After the nation gained its independence, a red stripe at the top and one located at the bottom of the flag were added to represent the United Democratic Party.

The center of the flag features a white disk with the national coat of arms and the previously mentioned design representing the logging industry. This design includes many colors, including brown, green, light blue, and yellow. There are also 50 green leaves inside of the center white disk.

History of the Flag

The current flag of Belize has been the nation’s only official flag. It was adopted on September 21, 1981 after the nation gained its independence.

However, while this is the first and only national flag to date, an unofficial flag of Belize was used from 1950 until 1981. This unofficial flag featured a blue field with the coat of arms on a white disc centered on the flag. Due to the complexities of drawing the coat of arms, a blank white circle was sometimes used on these unofficial flags.

The current design was chosen in a competition held in 1981. This design was similar to what is in use today. However, there was a red border along all sides of the flag, which was changed to one strip on top and one stripe on bottom.

Flag Facts

Belize’s flag design is unique because it is the only national flag that prominently features humans as part of its design.

Even though the official national flag was not put into use until the 1980s, the design of the coat of arms dates back to 1907.

Prior to the unofficial flag that was used in 1950, Belize used several flags as British Honduras.

Blue, Red, White, Green
September 21, 1981


Blue with thin red horizontal stripes on the top and bottom of the flag with a red circle bearing the National Coat of Arms in the center
Belize Flag

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