Where is Bolivia in the World?

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As part of the Central Region, Bolivia is located on the continent of South America. Home to numerous world-renowned natural landscapes, such as the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountain Range, Bolivia is very near to the coastline of southwestern South America. Despite being in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Bolivia is still a landlocked country, with the sole exception being the point at which Lake Titicaca crosses Bolivia’s western border.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

The GPS coordinates of Bolivia are 16.2902° S and 63.5887° W. As a country in the southern and western hemispheres, Bolivia is located below the equator.

Bolivia is surrounded by five other South American countries. In the north as well as the east, Bolivia shares a border with Brazil. In the west, both Peru and Chile lie along the Bolivian border, as does a portion of Lake Titicaca. From west to east, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay border Bolivia to the south.

Points of Extremity in Bolivia

In Bolivia, the northernmost point has a latitudinal coordinate of 09°40' S. This point is located in the city of Manoa, which is part of the region of Pando. The most extreme point of Bolivia in the south is positioned on the border between Bolivia and Chile. With a latitude of 22°54' S, the southernmost point is located in the Sur Lípez Province.

To the east, the most extreme point of Bolivia is along the border that the country shares with Brazil. The coordinate of Bolivia’s easternmost point is 57°27' W. In the west, Bolivia extends as far as the longitudinal coordinate of 69°40' W. This point is on Bolivia’s border with Peru.

Bolivia’s Physical Area and Population Size

Bolivia is a country comprised of 424,164 square miles. Of the total area, approximately 418,685 square miles make up the land regions of Bolivia. Water fills the other 5,479 square miles of Bolivia. Based on total area, Bolivia is the 27th largest country.

There are currently 11,294,034 people living in Bolivia today. The total population of Bolivia is only 0.15% of the global population. Bolivia is the 83rd most populated country in the world. Bolivia’s population density is a value of 27. This means that there are just about 27 residents per square mile of area, landing Bolivia in 221st place on the list of countries in order of largest population density.

Official Name
Plurinational State of Bolivia
Common Name
1,098,581 km²
Bordering Countries
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru
Calling Code
-17, -65
South America
South America, Latin America

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