Where is Botswana in the World?

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Botswana is a South African country. Also known as the Republic of Botswana, this country was once under the control of Britain. Though Botswana is still considered a democracy of the Commonwealth, it is categorized as part of Africa. Like many countries in south-central Africa, Botswana is entirely landlocked. The three other countries that share borders with Botswana are Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

Botswana’s geographic coordinates are comprised of a latitude of 22° 20' 34.23" S and a longitude of 24° 41' 13.58" E. With these GPS coordinates, Botswana is positioned in both the southern and eastern hemispheres. Botswana is also located below the equatorial plane of the world.

Points of Extremity in Botswana

Botswana reaches a northern point of extremity at the latitudinal coordinate of 17°46' S. This point is within the village of Kasane. The most southern point of Botswana happens to be in the town of Bokspits in the district of Kgalagadi. The GPS coordinate of this point is a latitude of 26°54' S.

In the very east, Botswana’s point of extremity has a longitude of 29°20' E. At this point, the easternmost part of Botswana is positioned on the border that separates South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Botswana’s western point of extremity has a longitude of 20°00' E. This coordinate falls on the border that Botswana shares with Namibia.

Botswana’s Physical Area and Population Size

Botswana’s total area is made up of 97% land and 3% water. These percentages equate to 218,814 square miles of land areas and 5,792 square miles of water regions. In total, Botswana is a country made up of 224,606 square miles in total. The country is broken up into nine different districts and five separate councils. With a width of 427.91 miles, Botswana has a geographical length of 482.81 miles.

The population of Botswana was most recently reported as being 2,357,052 people. As a result of a census in 2019, it was determined that Botswana is the 144th most populated country in the world when compared to the other 195 countries in consideration. The population of Botswana only accounts for 0.03% of the world’s total population count.

Official Name
Republic of Botswana
Common Name
582,000 km²
Bordering Countries
Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Calling Code
-22, 24
Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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