Where is Brazil in the World?

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Brazil can be found on the continent of South America. The Federative Republic of Brazil is so physically massive that the country borders all but two other countries in South America. Chile and Ecuador are the only two countries, of a total of twelve, that do not touch Brazil’s borders.

Brazil's Latitude and Longitude

The GPS coordinates of an area refer to its location on a map. The coordinates are made up of a latitude and a longitude. When it comes to Brazil, the GPS coordinates of Brazil are 14.2350° S and 51.9253° W. The first point is the latitude of Brazil, placing Brazil in the southern hemisphere. The second point, known as the longitude, means that the country is positioned in the western hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Brazil

The mountain Monte Caburaí is a landmark that holds Brazil's northernmost point. At a soaring altitude of 4,806 feet above sea level, the latitude of this point is 05°15' N. In the south, Brazil's furthest point is 33°45' S. As part of the border between Brazil and Uruguay, the southernmost point of Brazil is in Rio Grande do Sul, a state in Brazil. This point of extremity is slightly north of the Barra del Chuy, which is a very northern coastal resort in Uruguay.

When it comes the most eastern point of Brazil, there are actually two contenders. The easternmost point of Brazil's mainland is in Cape Branco, or Ponta do Seixas. This eastern point of extremity is at a longitude of 34°47' W. For perspective, the most extreme point of Brazil's many islands in the east has a longitudinal coordinate of 28°50'26"W. This point is on a small island in the Trindade and Martin Vaz Archipelago. This point is within the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo.

The westernmost point of Brazil sits at a longitude of 73°59'04" W. The most extreme point of western Brazil is in the state of Acre. It is also part of the Serra do Divisor Mountain Range near the border that Brazil shares with Peru.

Brazil's Total Area, Population, and Density Level

Brazil’s total area has been measured as approximately 3,287,956 square miles, making Brazil the fifth largest country in the world. The population of the country is about 211,676,916 people, based on the current census. By dividing the population of Brazil by the country’s total area, the population density results in a value of about 65 people for every square mile.

Official Name
Federative Republic of Brazil
Common Name
8,515,767 km²
Bordering Countries
Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela
Calling Code
-10, -55
South America
South America, Latin America

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