Where is Brunei in the World?

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Officially called the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, the country of Brunei is part of Southeast Asia. Brunei is considered a sovereign state, meaning it is its own nation yet it is "ruled," if you will, by a more powerful nation, as are all the other sovereign states in that particular geographic region.

GPS Coordinates of Brunei

The GPS coordinates of Brunei are a latitude of 4.5353° N and a longitude of 114.7277° E. These coordinates place Brunei in the northern hemisphere, above the equator, as well as in the eastern hemisphere.

Most Extreme Points of Brunei

The northernmost point of Brunei has a latitudinal coordinate of 05°04' N. This point is located in the town of Pekan Muara. In the south, Brunei extends as far as a latitudinal coordinate of 04°00' N. This point is positioned along Brunei’s border with Malaysia, in the Belait District near the South China Sea.

As the 181st most western point of all countries in the world, the most extreme point in the west of Brunei is located near the town of Kuala Belait. Also called Malay, this area lies along the border shared by Malaysia and Brunei. The coordinate of Brunei’s westernmost point is 114°05' E. To the east, Brunei stretches as far as a longitude of 115°25' E. The easternmost point of Brunei is situated near the Bukit Pagon Mountain in Brunei’s Temburong District. This point is also part of the Brunei-Malaysia border.

Area and Population

The current population of Brunei hovers around 436,907 people, give or take a few. Populations rise and fall every day, though Brunei’s population increases more often than it decreases. Brunei’s population ranks as the 175th most populated place of all countries and dependencies alike. Despite the population sounding quite large, Brunei only accounts for about 0.01% of all people in the world.

The country’s total area is a mere 2,226 square miles. Brunei is calculated as being 8.7% water and 91.3% land. About 193 square miles are attributed to sources of water, while the other 2,033 square miles are land regions. Brunei is divided into four different districts across a width of 51.02 miles and a length of 34.66 miles.

Official Name
Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace
Common Name
5,765 km²
Bordering Countries
Calling Code
Bandar Seri Begawan
4.5, 114.66666666
South-Eastern Asia

Where is Brunei in the World?

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