Where is Burundi in the World?

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Burundi is a country in Africa. Situated in the southeastern region of Africa, the Republic of Burundi is actually part of a region called the African Great Lakes Region. It is the connecting region between east and central Africa. As you might assume, Burundi lies on the shores of a body of water. The country's southwesternmost border is situated along Lake Tanganyika. Burundi shares borders with Rwanda and Tanzania as well.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

The GPS coordinates of Burundi are made up of two points. The first coordinate is called the latitude. For Burundi, the latitude is 3° 23' 22.59" S. This point places Burundi in the southern hemisphere and as a result Burundi is situated beneath the equator. The longitude of Burundi is 29° 55' 32.10" E, which positions the country in the eastern hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Burundi

In the north of Burundi, the country extends as far as a latitudinal coordinate of 02°18' S. As the 168th most northern point of all countries in the world, this GPS point is located in Colline Kigali. In the south, Burundi’s furthest point is on the border that Burundi shares with Tanzania. In particular, this location is part of Colline Chibumba, which is very close in proximity to Mugina. The latitudinal coordinate of Burundi’s most extreme southern point is 04°28' S.

The easternmost point of Burundi is in the province of Cankuzo. With a longitude of 30°50' E, Burundi’s most extreme southern point is situated on the border separating Tanzania and Burundi. In the opposite direction, Burundi’s farthest western point is along the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. The GPS coordinate of this point is a longitude of 28°59' E. This point also falls within the boundaries of Burundi’s Cibitoke Province.

Burundi’s Physical Area and Population Size

The total area of Burundi comes to about 10,745 square miles. As a country that is mostly land and only made of a little bit of water, Burundi is 92% land and 8% water. The water areas of Burundi make up about 830 square miles and the remaining 9,915 square miles of Burundi are comprised of land. The country of Burundi is 138.22 miles long and 78.74 miles wide, and this area is divided into sixteen different provinces.

Burundi has a population of 11,420,136 people, as of 2019. As of right now, Burundi is the 80th most populated countries in the world in comparison to 195 other countries around the globe. Looking at the total global population, Burundi is the home of a mere 0.15% of all the people in the world.

Official Name
Republic of Burundi
Common Name
27,834 km²
Bordering Countries
DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania
Calling Code
-3.5, 30
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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