History of Canada | How Old is Canada?

Canada is a relatively new country, which declared its Confederation in 1867. This makes Canada 155 years old.

The Current State of Canada

Canada, much like its neighbor to the south, is one of the most economically-sound countries in the world - initially being part of the British Empire. The main difference was the succession, where the United States revolted, while the Canadian parliament was legally and peacefully recognized by the British Empire. This fundamental difference has caused a unique view of an otherwise tightly interlocked partnership between the two countries. Canada is a confederation with its own parliament but still recognizes the British Queen as the official Monarch. This makes Canada an extremely ideological country as a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

How old is Canada?

The country of Canada is 157 years old, founded in the year 1867.

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