Where is Chile in the World?

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Located on the continent of South America, Chile is a country along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. With the exception of western border of Chile, the country is surrounded on its other sides by Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. The GPS coordinates of Chile are a latitude of 35.6751° S and a longitude of 71.5430° W. These coordinates imply that Chile is situated in both the southern and the western hemisphere.

Farthest Points of Chile on a Map

Chile is located along the southwestern coastline of South America. The country’s most northern point is in the Arica y Parinacota Region of Chile. With a latitude of 17°19' S, Chile’s northernmost point is part of the hamlet of Visviri. Interestingly enough, hamlets are small communities of people.

To the south of Chile, there are actually two points of extremity. Of these points, the one that is located on the mainland of Chile is part of the cape of Froward. With a latitude of 53°53' S, this point is considered part of Chile’s Magallanes Region on the peninsula of Brunswick. Looking offshore, the other southernmost point of Chile is on the island of Islote Aguila. Located in the archipelago of the Diego Ramirez Islands, this point has a latitudinal coordinate of 56°32' S.

Chile’s furthest point in the east is similar to the southernmost point of the country. With only the mainland in consideration, the most eastern point is situated at a longitude of 66°58' W. This point is atop the mountain of Nevados de Poquis. It is part of the Andean Mountain Range, more commonly known as the Andes. Offshore, eastern Chile reaches as far as Nueva Island. Located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region of Chile, this eastern point of extremity rests at a longitude of 66°24'55” W.

The westernmost point of extremity in Chile is much the same. There are two very western points in the country. On the mainland of Chile, the westernmost point is part of the Taitao Peninsula. With a longitude of 75°38' W, this point falls within the boundaries of Chile’s Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region. Beyond the mainland, the most western offshore point of Chile has a longitude of 109°27'10” W. This coordinate falls on the islet of Motu Nui near Chile’s Easter Island.

Chile’s Total Area and Population Size

The total area of Chile is a grand sum of 292,261 square miles. Of this total area, the land regions of Chile account for 289,113 square miles and the remaining 3,147 square miles are attributed to water regions within the country’s boundaries. The population of Chile comes to about 18,272,328 people. As the 65th most populous country in the world, Chile is home to just under 0.25% of the global population.

Official Name
Republic of Chile
Common Name
756,102 km²
Bordering Countries
Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
Calling Code
-30, -71
South America
South America, Latin America

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