Where is Costa Rica in the World?

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Costa Rica is a country located at the center of Central America, covering a land area of 51,060 square kilometers. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest and Ecuador to the south.

Within Costa Rica there are 7 provinces that are also sub-divided into cantons.

Alajuela is located in the north-central region, bordering Nicaragua to the north and the provinces Heredia to the east, San José to the south, Puntarenas to the southwest and Guanacaste to the west. It covers 9,757.53 square kilometers including 15 cantons. The San Carlos canton is the largest in the country, taking up 34.32% of the provincial area.

Cartago is located in the central part of the country covering 3,124.61 square kilometers bordering the provinces Limón to the east and San José to the west. It is sub-divided into 8 cantons and one of the smallest provinces in the country.

Guanacaste is the most sparsely populated province, located in the northwestern region. Covering 10,141 square kilometers along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, bordering Nicaragua to the north, the provinces Alajuela to the east and Puntarenas to the southeast.

Heredia is located in the north-central region, covering 2,657 square kilometers. It borders Nicaragua to the north, Limón to the east, San José to the south and Alajuela to the west.

Limón is located in the eastern region as well as the Caribbean Sea coastline and the southern border, covering 9.189 square kilometers. Its northern border with Nicaragua is outlined by the Rio San Juan, also bordering Panama to the south and the provinces Heredia, Cartago and Puntarenas to the west.

Puntarenas is the largest province, located in the western region and expanding down most of Costa Rica's Pacific Ocean coast. It is sub-divided into 11 cantons, covering 11,266 square kilometers. It borders the provinces Guanacaste, Alajuela, San José and Limón clockwise starting from the northwest.

Lastly, San José is home to the capital city also named San José. It is located in the central region, covering 4,965 square kilometers and sub-divided into 20 cantons. Clockwise from the north, it borders the provinces Alajuela, Heredia, Limón, Cartago and Puntarenas.

Official Name
Republic of Costa Rica
Common Name
Costa Rica
51,100 km²
Bordering Countries
Nicaragua, Panama
Calling Code
San José
Costa Rican
10, -84
North America
Central America, Latin America

Where is Costa Rica in the World?

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