History of Egypt | How Old is Egypt?

How Old Is Egypt?

For a long time, Egypt has been a civilization that has been admired. It is one of the oldest organized civilizations on Earth, and it was one of the very first empires in recorded history. For thousands of years, people have lived in the area known as Egypt because the land was incredibly fertile. This meant that it was relatively easy to grow crops in the area. Thanks to the flow of the Nile River, people were able to build farms along the banks of the river, making it easy to support a large empire. Much of the history of Egypt has been deciphered from hieroglyphics, and the Pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Ancient Egyptian civilization began around 3150 BC, and the very first dynastic ruler was Narmer.

When Was Egypt Conquered?

Similar to other empires, the influence of Egypt has risen and fallen throughout the centuries. Egypt enjoyed a tremendous amount of dominance for about twenty-five hundred years. Then, Egypt was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century, BCE. This ushered in another period of calm for about 300 years. Then, Alexander the Great, who was the ruler of Macedonia, toppled the Achaemenid ruling dynasty in 332 BC. This led to another period of calm in Egypt for a few decades. Eventually, Egypt would be conquered by the Roman Empire.

When Was Egypt Conquered by Rome?

Eventually, Egypt was conquered by Rome in 30 BC. Rome dominated the Mediterranean Sea for several centuries. Egypt would remain under the control of the Roman Empire until 641 AD. As the Roman Empire began to collapse, there were a number of incursions into Egypt. Egypt was conquered by Muslims in the 6th century AD. This ushered in a wide variety of Muslim caliphates, lasting for several centuries. Eventually, Egypt would come under the control of the Ottoman Empire, which would last until the end of World War I. When the Ottoman Empire was defeated at the end of World War 1, Egypt came under the control of the British Empire.

Is Egypt a Free Country Today?

Yes, Egypt is a free country today. Egypt was under the control of the British Empire for several decades. Egypt played a role in helping the British defeat Nazi Germany in World War II. At the end of the war, the United States was responsible for directing the vast majority of the peace talks. Given that the United States stands for self-determination, the United States and courage England to give Egypt its freedom back. Eventually, England would give Egypt its freedom back in 1954. This led to the founding of the Republic of Egypt, and it has become a significant power in the Middle East today. In particular, Egypt holds a lot of influence over the Suez Canal, which is a vital port of trade for countries all over the world. This has led to a flourishing Egypt in the modern era.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
3150 BC
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

History of Egypt | How Old is Egypt?

How old is Egypt?

The country of Egypt is 5174 years old, founded in the year 3150 BC.

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