Where is El Salvador in the World?

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El Salvador is a Central American country. As part of the connection between North and South America, El Salvador is positioned between Guatemala and Honduras. The Pacific Ocean borders El Salvador to the west.

Latitude and Longitude of El Salvador

El Salvador is found at a latitude of 13.7942° N, and a longitude of 88.8965° W. The GPS coordinates of El Salvador show that the country is in the western hemisphere. With a latitude in the north, El Salvador is located above the equator.

Most Extreme Points in Four Cardinal Directions

The most extreme point in northern El Salvador is just outside of El Limo. This point has a latitude of 14°26' N. In the south, the country of El Salvador has an extreme point in the department of La Unión. With a latitudinal coordinate of 13°09' N, the southernmost point of El Salvador is in the town of El Jaguey.

The easternmost point of El Salvador is also in La Unión Department, though the coordinate is a longitude of 87°42' W. The most extreme point in the east is on Meanguera del Golfo Island. To the west, El Salvador extends as far as a longitude of 90°15' W. The westernmost point is part of the department of Ahuachapán, right on the border between El Salvador and Guatemala.

El Salvador’s Total Area and Population Size

The total population of El Salvador comes to about 6,427,755 people. As of 2018, this makes El Salvador the 109th most populated country in the world. Despite its seemingly large population size, El Salvador only accounts for a mere 0.08% of the entire world’s population.

El Salvador has a width of 118 miles and a length of 70 miles. El Salvador is number 149 on the list of countries based on total area. The total area of the country is an estimated 13,074 square miles. About 199 square miles of the total area is attributed to water sources. The remaining 12,875 square miles are land regions.

El Salvador has a population density of 492 people per square mile, both land, and water. This calculation means that El Salvador is the 49th most densely populated country in the world.

Official Name
Republic of El Salvador
Common Name
El Salvador
21,041 km²
Bordering Countries
Guatemala, Honduras
Calling Code
San Salvador
13.83333333, -88.91666666
North America
Central America, Latin America

Where is El Salvador in the World?

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