Where is Finland in the World?

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Finland is a northern European country. Known as the Republic of Finland, there are three separate bodies of water and three land masses that encompass Finland’s border. Sweden is to the northeast of Finland, while Russia is east and Norway is north. The coastlines of Finland are along the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, and the Baltic Sea.

Location of Finland on a Map

The GPS coordinates of Finland are 61.9241° N and 25.7482° E. The latitude of Finland is in the north, meaning that the country is in the northern hemisphere, above the equator. With a latitude in the east, it is clear that Finland sits in the eastern hemisphere.

Finland’s Most Extreme Points

In the north, Finland extends to a latitude of 70°05' N. This point is located in the town of Nuorgam. As part of the municipality of Utsjoki in Lapland, Finland’s northernmost point is the sixth most northern point in the world. Finland’s southernmost point differs depending on whether islands are included. In the south, the mainland reaches a southernmost point of 59°48' N. This point is in the Tulliniemi area in the town of Hanko. With islands included in consideration, Finland’s furthest point to the south is part of the Åland Islands. At a latitude of 59°30' N, this point is in the town of Bogskär in the municipality of Föglö.

The easternmost point of Finland is situated at a latitudinal coordinate of 31°35'17" E. This point is part of the town, Virmajärvi, of the Ilomantsi municipality. To the west, Finland’s most extreme point is similar to the southernmost point in that there are two possible western points of extremity. On Finland’s mainland, the westernmost point is in the town, Kolttapahta, with a coordinate of 20°32' E. Another very western point also lies on the Åland Islands. With a longitudinal coordinate of 19°13'11" E, this point is in Märket, in the municipality called Eckerö.

Area and Population Size of Finland

The total area of Finland is 130,558 square miles. Of the total square mileage, Finland is comprised of 117,303 square miles of land and 13,255 square miles of water, making Finland about 89.8% land and 10.2% water. Finland’s total area is the 64th largest in the world.

The population of Finland is about 5,551,642 people. As the country with the 116th largest population size, Finland’s population is only 0.07% of the world’s population. With this information, it is possible to calculate the population density of Finland. By dividing the county’s population by the total area, the population density results in a value of 42.5, so there are about 43 people per square mile in Finland.

Official Name
Republic of Finland
Common Name
338,424 km²
Bordering Countries
Norway, Sweden, Russia
Calling Code
64, 26
Northern Europe

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