History of France | How Old is France?

France has undergone many constitutional changes and is difficult to answer. The earliest known unification of the Frankian ( Germanic) tribes was during the reign of Clovis I, starting in 481. The treaty of Verdun in 843 split the Frankish Empire into 3 parts, which were unified under the Capetian dynasty as the Kingdom of France in 987. The current France we know today was created in 1958. This means France (in its name) is as old as 1035 years, or as young as 64 years.

The Current State of France

France is a representative democracy and one of the world's largest 10 superpowers, both in terms of military and economic power. It is the world's top tourist destination, putting it ahead of both Spain and the United States in the number of people who visit. Because of this, it is one of the largest melting pots of culture in the world.

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Years Since Initial Sovereignty

History of France | How Old is France?

How old is France?

The country of France is 1543 years old, founded in the year 481.

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