Where is Gambia in the World?

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Gambia is a West African country that rests within the broader African nation of Senegal. The only border of Gambia that is not encompassed by Senegal is Gambia's westernmost border, which lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

GPS Coordinates of Gambia

Gambia’s GPS coordinates are 13° 26' 44.83" N and 15° 18' 22.04" W. The former point is called the latitude of Gambia and based on this coordinate, Gambia is in the northern hemisphere. Being in the northern hemisphere means that this country is located above the equator. The latter point is called the longitude, and it shows that Gambia is found in the western hemisphere.

Furthest Points to the North, South, East, and West

Gambia’s northernmost point of extremity lies in a place by the name of Ker Maka Tukulor. As the 123rd most northern point of extremity out of all 196 countries, Gambia’s most northerly point is situated at a latitude of 13°49' N. To the south, Gambia reaches as far as a latitude of 13°02' N. Gambia’s southernmost point is found along the border that Gambia shares with Senegal. This part of Gambia is very close to the coastal village of Kartong, in the District of Kombo South which is part of Gambia’s Western Division.

The easternmost point of Gambia is located on the border that is shared by Gambia and Senegal, just like the country’s southernmost point of extremity. The longitude of this point is 13°48' W. At this particular coordinate, the most eastern point of Gambia is part of the country’s Upper River Division. In the opposite direction, the most western point of Gambia is positioned on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. With a longitude of 16°45' W, Gambia’s most extreme point to the east is part of Gambia’s West Coast Division.

Gambia’s Size and Population

Gambia’s total area is a grand sum of 7,822 square miles. Of the entire area, Gambia is comprised of 7,018 square miles of land and 804 square miles of water. As a country that is about 90% land and 10% water, Gambia is divided into five separate land divisions and one major city. The width of Gambia is about 113.62 miles, and the length of the country is roughly 37.23 miles.

The population of Gambia is currently an overwhelming 2,200,575 people. With a population over two million people, Gambia still only holds about 0.03% of the global population, making Gambia the 146th most populous country in the world. The population density of Gambia is about 282, meaning there are two-hundred-and-eighty-two people per square mile of land or water in Gambia.

Official Name
Republic of the Gambia
Common Name
10,689 km²
Bordering Countries
Calling Code
13.46666666, -16.56666666
Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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