How Old is Greece?

Greece is one of the most difficult places to pinpoint, as it was considered the cradle of Western Civilization. The earliest human activity in this era can be traced back to 270,000BC. However, it is generally agreed that the first "advanced" civilization in the Hellenic Republic of Greece was the Cycladic civilization - which was around 3200BC. The official republic that we know today (The Third Hellenic Republic) was created in 1974. This makes Greece as old as 5222 years, or as young as 48 years. Below are the key facts about Greece:

Basic Info

Capital and largest city: Athens. Coordinates: 37°58′N 23°43′E

Official language and national language: Greek

Demonym(s): Greek, Hellene

Religion (2017)

93% Christianity

—90% Greek Orthodoxy (official)a

—3% Other Christian

4% No religion

2% Islam

1% Others

Government Info:

Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic

• President: Katerina Sakellaropoulou

• Prime Minister: Kyriakos Mitsotakis

• Parliament Speaker: Konstantinos Tasoulas

• Legislature: Hellenic Parliament

Establishment History

• Independence declared from the Ottoman Empire: 25 March 1821 (traditional starting date of the Greek War of Independence), 15 January 1822 (official declaration)

• Recognised: 3 February 1830

• Abolition of monarchy: 1 June 1973

• The Third Hellenic Republic: 24 July 1974

• Current constitution: 11 June 1975

• Total Area: 131,957 km2 (50,949 sq mi) (95th)

• Water (%): 1.51 (2015)

• Population 2020 Estimate: Neutral decrease 10,678,632 (1 January 2021) (85th)

• 2011 census: 10,816,286

• Density: 82/km2 (212.4/sq mi) (98th)

• GDP (PPP) 2022 Estimate Total Increase $378.693 billion (54th)

• Per capita Increase: $35,596 (55th)

• GDP (nominal) 2022 Estimate Total Increase $222.770 billion[7] (53rd)

• Per capita Increase: $20,940 (49th)

• Gini (2020) Negative Increase: 31.4 medium

• HDI (2019) Increase: 0.888(very high · 32nd)

• Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

• Time zone: UTC+02:00 (EET)

• Summer (DST): UTC+03:00 (EEST)

• Date format: dd/mm/yyyy (AD)b

• Other short formats: dd-mm-yy, dd/mm/yyyy

• Driving side: right

• Calling code: +30

• ISO 3166 code: GR

• Internet TLD: .grc, .ελ. The .eu domain is also used, as in other European Union member states.

The Church of Greece is recognized by the Greek Constitution as the prevailing religion in Greece, and is the only country in the world where Eastern Orthodoxy is recognized as a state religion.

The Current State of Greece

Greece is culturally rich with a well-documented history. It is considered the birthplace of modern western civilization, as things such as democracy, philosophy, astronomy, science, and mathematics were originally developed in the Hellenic Sates. This formed the basis on which the Roman Empire was formed, and many of our current governmental ideologies fall into the same category as thousands of years ago.

Throughout history, Greece made many enemies and was annexed by the Ottoman Empire, from the 15th century until its official independence in 1822. Currently, Greece has been a shadow of its former self, as the recession of the early 21st century after the adoption of the Euro has placed undue stress on the other participating countries in the union. In March 2020, the first female President was elected as a non-partisan and promises to change the economic structure of Greece.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
338 BC
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

How Old is Greece?

How old is Greece?

The country of Greece is 2361 years old, founded in the year 338 BC.

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