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Grenada is a small island country found in the Caribbean Sea. The capital of Grenada is St. George’s, and also serves as the largest city in the country. The country of Grenada is mostly contained on the island of Grenada, though several smaller islands lie to the north.


Being an island country, Grenada shares no formal borders with any other countries. The closest countries are Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago to the south, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the north.

The country of Grenada is comprised of four major islands: the island of Grenada, Petit, and Carriacou. Several hundred smaller islands also are present, but the vast majority of the country’s population can be found on these four islands.

The country of Grenada finds itself a part of several island formations in the Caribbean Sea. It is a part of a grouping of islands called the Windward Islands, which is a grouping of islands associated with a further cluster of Islands, known as the Lesser Antilles. The Windward Islands are located in the southern portion of the Lesser Antilles, are generally the largest islands in that region.

The Lesser Antilles itself is also part of an even larger grouping of islands, called the West Indies, which are a large grouping of countries that border the Caribbean Basin.

As with many island nations, the islands of Grenada are largely of volcanic origin. As such, mountainous, rugged terrain is common, but particularly so on the island of Grenada. The tallest point of the country is also found on Grenada, Mt. St. Catherine, coming in taller than 2700 feet.

As often is found with volcanic islands, the land slopes down into heavily wooded areas, eventually ending in gentle coastal plains. However, being close to the equator, Grenada has some unique geographical features, including lush rainforests, waterfalls, and boiling springs, heated by the local volcanic activity. The most prominent boiling springs are the River Sallee Boiling Springs, which serve as both a tourist attraction as well as being subject to mystic legend, as many believe the springs hold healing powers.


The island of Grenada has a relatively low population at just more than 110,000 residents, but an extremely high population density, having only a slightly lesser population density than the country of Japan.

The ethnic layout of the country largely reflects its history. Around 80% of residents are of African descent, about 10% would identify as Mulatto, close to 5% are of Indian origin, and the remainder are small samplings of several backgrounds.

Official Name
Common Name
344 km²
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St. George's
12.11666666, -61.66666666
North America

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