Guinea Flag

Guinea Flag

What does the flag of Guinea look like? Guinea's flag is three vertical bands of red, yellow, and green.

Meaning of the Flag

The tri-color flag of Guinea holds great meaning behind its colors. The colors represent the blood shed by martyrs who fought for the nation’s freedom, the natural riches of the country and the beauty of the sun above, and the country’s lush vegetation. The colors and design of the flag are very similar to other African nations in the region.

Colors of the Flag

The colors of Guinea’s flag are the traditional Pan-African colors used by many other African nations. The tri-color flag, from left to right, features red, yellow and green. The red is used to represent the blood shed by the martyrs throughout history. The color yellow symbolizes the natural wealth of the country and the sun above, and the green is a representation of the lush green landscape of the country.

History of the Flag

The flag of Guinea was first adopted on November 10, 1958. Like many other neighboring nations, used the colors that were used by the Rassemblement Democratique Africain at the time of independence. The colors – which are known as Pan-African colors – were first used by Ghana in its flag in 1957. This flag is nearly identical to the flag of Rwanda that was used from 1961 through 2001.

Flag Facts

The flag of Guinea is almost identical to an older version of Rwanda’s flag. However, a black R was included on Rwanda’s flag to distinguish it.

The flag is also very similar to the flag of Mali, with the exception of a change in the order of colors.

Red, Yellow, Green


Three equal vertical columns, red on the left, yellow in the center, green on the right
Guinea Flag

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