Guyana Flag

Guyana Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The national flag of Guyana has a very unique design. The biggest symbolism is found within the colors used for this flag, representing features such as the mineral wealth and agriculture of the nation, as well as the endurance and zeal of the people.

Colors of the Flag

There are five colors used in the flag of Guyana: red, black, white, green, and gold. The color green is used for the field of the flag. This color is a symbol of the agriculture industry and the forests of the nation. The color cold is used to create a large, white-edged triangle which is based along the hoist of the flag. The color gold was chosen as a symbol of the mineral wealth of the nation, while white symbolizes the rivers and water. The color red is used to create an isosceles triangle that is superimposed over the larger gold triangle. This color was selected to represent dynamism and zeal of the people. This triangle is edged in black, which is a representation of the endurance of the people.

History of the Flag

The original flag of Guyana was a British Blue Ensign featuring the colonial badge of Guyana. This original flag was used in 1875 through the early 1900s before it was modified twice; once in 1906 and again in 1955.

Once Guyana gained its independence from the United Kingdom, a new national flag was adopted. The flag was first adopted on May 26, 1966. As of 2019, the design of this flag has remained unchanged.

Flag Facts

The flag of Guyana is also known as The Golden Arrowhead.

The American vexillologist Whitney Smith designed the flag of Guyana.

The Golden Arrowhead
Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White
May 26, 1966
Designed by
Whitney Smith


Green with a white-bordered yellow triangle underneath a black-bordered red triangle
Guyana Flag

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