Where is Haiti in the World?

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Haiti is an island nation in the Caribbean. Known as the Republic of Haiti in a more formal sense, the country is one of two that comprise the island of Hispaniola. Together with the Dominican Republic, Haiti is part of the largest island in the Caribbean Region of the world.

GPS Coordinates of Haiti

According to the GPS coordinates of Haiti, the country is found in the northern and western hemispheres. Haiti is located at a latitude of 18.9712° N and a latitude of 72.2852° W.

Haiti's Borders

Haiti is only bordered by land in the east. The rest of Haiti’s borders are along bodies of water. To the north, Haiti is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean Sea is to the southernmost parts of Haiti. As for the western borders of Haiti, there are a few smaller bodies of water that make up the coastline of west Haiti. From the north to south, Haiti has shoreline along the Golfe de la Gonâve, the Canal de Saint-Marc, the Canal du Sud, and the Baie de Porte-au-Prince.

Total Area, Population, and Density

Haiti is made up of 10,641 square miles of land and 73 square miles of coastal water regions, for a grand total area of 10,714 square miles. The sum of the lengths of Haiti’s borders comes to a total of 241.1 square miles.

The population of Haiti is approximately 11,112,945 people as of 2018. Haiti is home to about 0.15% of the entire world’s population. This puts Haiti in 85th place on the list of countries in order of population, from largest to smallest. Haiti has a population density of approximately 1,038 people per square mile.

Levels of Elevation in Haiti

On average, Haiti has an elevation level of 1,542 feet above sea level. Analysts often debate the lowest point of elevation. At the more commonly recognized lowest point, Haiti is directly at sea level with the Mediterranean, which would make the altitude 0 feet above sea level.

Some reports claim that the lowest point is Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. Situated along the coast of the Gulf of Gonâve, this point is said to be less than 3 feet below sea level, but only on occasion.

The highest point of elevation in Haiti is a mountain in the Chaîne de la Selle mountain range. As the tallest point in Haiti, the Chaîne de la Selle mountain is also the third tallest point in the entire Caribbean. This altitude is at a great height of 8,793 feet above sea level.

Official Name
Republic of Haiti
Common Name
27,750 km²
Bordering Countries
Dominican Republic
Calling Code
19, -72.41666666
North America

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