Where is Honduras in the World?

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Located in Central America, Honduras is part of the connection between North and South America. Once upon a time, Honduras, as it stands today, was referred to as Spanish Honduras. The British ruled over modern-day Belize, though it was called British Honduras before Belize became independent from European rulers. As of today, the country is called merely Honduras, or more officially, the Republic of Honduras.

GPS Coordinates of Honduras

Honduras is found at a latitude of 15.2000° N and a longitude of 86.2419° W. Based on these GPS coordinates, it is clear to see that Honduras is part of the northern and western hemispheres. Honduras is located above the equator.

Most Extreme Points of Honduras

The most extreme points of Honduras refer to how far Honduras’ boundaries extend in all four cardinal directions. Before diving into the specifics of the most extreme points, it is important to mention that Honduras is divided into regions called departments. There are 18 departments in total, each of which is under the guidance of a governor. Honduras’ departments are comparable to states in the United States. Each of the four extreme points of Honduras’ boundaries are located within one of these departments.

In the north, the most extreme point of Honduras has GPS coordinates of 17°24′38″ N, and 16°01′ N. The northernmost point is located in the Swan Islands of Puerto Castilla - the Great Swan Island, to be exact. The southernmost point of the Republic of Honduras is as south as 12°59' N. More specifically, the most extreme point to the south is along Honduras’ border with Nicaragua. It is situated in the Choluteca Department of southern Honduras.

To the east, Honduras extends as far as 83°35' W. This point is along the Atlantic Ocean, on the border separating Honduras and Nicaragua. This easternmost point is part of the Gracias a Dios Department. The westernmost point of Honduras is located in the Ocotepeque Department. With a longitude value of 88°43' W, this point is along the border shared by Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Honduras: Total Area and Population

The land masses of Honduras occupy a total area of 43,433 square miles, making Honduras the 101st biggest country based on physical size. About 9,484,955 people live in Honduras as of 2018. This estimated population value is only 0.12% of the number of people on Earth. However, when compared to the populations of all the other countries around the world, Honduras ranks as the 95th most populated country.

Official Name
Republic of Honduras
Common Name
112,492 km²
Bordering Countries
Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua
Calling Code
15, -86.5
North America
Central America, Latin America

Where is Honduras in the World?

Honduras: Continent View