Where is Iraq in the World?

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[Iraq](https://www.britannica.com/place/Iraq) is a Western Asian country that shares borders with six other countries. The Republic of Iraq shares its northernmost border with the country of Turkey, while the southern edge of Iraq is shared with Saudi Arabia. In the east lies Iran and to the west lies Syria. Jordan is along Iraq's southwestern border, whereas Kuwait is situated along Iraq's southeastern border.

The GPS Coordinates of Iraq: Latitude and Longitude

Iraq’s GPS coordinates are comprised of two points: a latitude and a longitude. The latitudinal location of Iraq is 33.2232° N. This coordinate tells us that Iraq is located above the equator. As all locales positioned to the north of the equator, Iraq is part of the world’s northern hemisphere. These descriptors are two different ways to explain the same position. The longitudinal point of Iraq is 43.6793° E, which shows us that Iraq is a country in the southern hemisphere.

Most Extreme Points of Iraq

The northernmost point of Iraq has a latitude of 37°23' N. This GPS point is situated to the north of Sanat, Iraq. To the south of Iraq, the farthest point of the country is part of the border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Iraq reaches a point of extremity at the latitude of 29°04' N.

The easternmost point of Iraq can be found in the country’s Al-Faw Peninsula. The GPS coordinate of this point is a longitude of 48°32' E. In the western region of Iraq, the farthest point is part of the country’s Al Anbar Governorate. The longitudinal coordinate of this location is 38°50' E.

Total Size and Population Density of Iraq

The total area of Iraq comes to 169,235 square miles. Of this total area, there are approximately 168,868 square miles of land and 367 square miles of water. That said, Iraq is 99.78% land and 0.22% water. Iraq has a population of 39,964,977 people. Compared to the total number of people on the globe, the population of Iraq is only 0.52% of everyone on Earth, ranking Iraq as the thirty-sixth most populated country in the world. The population density of Iraq is about 237 people for every square mile of Iraq.

Official Name
Republic of Iraq
Common Name
438,317 km²
Bordering Countries
Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey
Calling Code
33, 44
Western Asia, The Middle East

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