Where is Kazakhstan in the World?

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The country of Kazakhstan just so happens to be the largest country in the world compared to all other landlocked countries. With all countries in mind, Kazakhstan is the ninth largest out of a total of 196 countries. With such high rankings, Kazakhstan is located in two different continents. The country's westernmost regions are part of Europe, while its central and eastern areas are found in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan shares borders with five other surrounding countries. Russia lies to the north of Kazakhstan, while China is along the country's eastern border. The three countries to the south of Kazakhstan are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The Aral Sea is located along Kazakhstan's southern border as well, just between a portion of its border with Uzbekistan. The Caspian Sea is situated along Kazakhstan’s westernmost border.

Kazakhstan's GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of Kazakhstan indicate where Kazakhstan is on a map. The latitude of Kazakhstan is 48.0196° N, and the country's longitude is 66.9237° E. As a country in both the northern and eastern hemispheres, Kazakhstan is positioned above the equator.

Points of Extremity in Kazakhstan

In the north, Kazakhstan has an extreme point of 55°43' N. At this latitude, a shared border separates Kazakhstan and Russia. The southernmost point of Kazakhstan is situated along the country's border with Uzbekistan. The coordinate of this point is a latitude of 40°34' N.

In the east, the furthest point of Kazakhstan has a longitudinal coordinate of 87°30' E. As part of the East Kazakhstan Province, the easternmost point of Kazakhstan is located along the border that Kazakhstan shares with both China and Russia. To the west, Kazakhstan reaches a point of extremity with a longitude of 50°00' E. The westernmost point of Kazakhstan is located in the West Kazakhstan Province, where the border between Russia and Kazakhstan lies.

Total Area, Population, and Density

The total area of Kazakhstan is roughly 1,052,089 square miles. Of this total, about 1,030,776 square miles are dedicated land regions, and the remaining 21,312 square miles are taken up by water resources. Kazakhstan has a population size of approximately 18,509,704 people, as of the most recent census. With other eighteen million people living within the country's borders, Kazakhstan is the 63rd most populous country in the world as of now. Taking the population of Kazakhstan and dividing the value by the country’s total area, we find that Kazakhstan’s population density is about 18 people for every single square mile of land in the country.

Official Name
Republic of Kazakhstan
Common Name
2,724,900 km²
Bordering Countries
China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Calling Code
76, 77
48, 68
Central Asia

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