Where is Kenya in the World?

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Kenya is an African country in the eastern region of the continent. Known as the Republic of Kenya officially, Kenya is surrounded by five other African countries, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.

Finding Kenya on a Map: Latitude and Longitude

Kenya has a latitude of 0.0236° S, and longitude of 37.9062° E. The GPS coordinates of Kenya show that the country is bisected by the equator. Approximately half of Kenya is in the northern hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Kenya

The most extreme northern point of Kenya has a latitudinal coordinate of 05°35' N. The northernmost point is located along the border that Kenya shares with South Sudan. This point is called the Ilemi Triangle de facto, which is currently under Kenyan power and control. The southernmost point of Kenya is positioned at a latitude of 04°43' S. Situated along the border between Kenya and Tanzania; this extremity is part of the country’s county of Kwale. The southernmost point of Kenya is very close in proximity to the settlement of Lunga Lunga.

To the east of Kenya, the country extends as far as a tripoint between three countries: Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. With a longitudinal coordinate of 41°00' E, the easternmost point of the country is part of Kenya’s North Eastern Province. To the west, Kenya’s furthest point is part of the border that separates Kenya and Uganda. As a point in the Western Province of Kenya, the furthest point to the west has a longitude of 35°00' E.

Kenya’s Population, Area, and Density

The total area of Kenya comprises 224,080 square miles. Including all seven distinct provinces, Kenya’s total area is 98% land and 2% water. In numbers, these percentages equate to 219,745 square miles of land and 4,335 square miles of water. The geography of Kenya spans for a width of 374.03 miles and a length of 485.51 miles.

Currently, the population of Kenya hovers around 51,629,122 people. Over fifty-one million sounds like an incredibly high number; Kenya’s population is even less than 1% of the global population. Home to 0.68% of the world’s total population, Kenya is the twenty-seventh most populated country in the world, compared to the other 195 countries on Earth.

Official Name
Republic of Kenya
Common Name
580,367 km²
Bordering Countries
Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda
Calling Code
1, 38
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

Where is Kenya in the World?

Kenya: Continent View