Where is Kiribati in the World?

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Kiribati is also known as the Republic of Kiribati. As part of Micronesia, Kiribati is found in the Pacific ocean. Kiribati is comprised of a total of thirty-two atolls and islands made of reefs. Also, Kiribati also has a coral island by the name of Banaba.

GPS Location: Latitude and Longitude of Kiribati

The GPS coordinates of Kiribati are made up of two points: a latitude and a longitude. The latitudinal location of Kiribati is 1° 52' 15.31" N. This coordinate indicates that Kiribati is part of the northern hemisphere, and as a result, situated above the equator. The longitudinal point of Kiribati is 157° 21' 45.36" W, showing that the country is part of the world’s western hemisphere.

The Most Extreme Points of Kiribati

The northernmost point of Kiribati is on the island of Makin in the archipelago of Gilbert. The GPS coordinate of this point is 03°23' N. The most extreme point of southern Kiribati is on Flint Island in the Line Islands archipelago. The latitude of the easternmost point of Kiribati is 11°26' S, which is just below the equator and in the Pacific Ocean.

In the east, the country of Kiribati extends as far as the longitude of 150°13' W. This point is located on Caroline Island in the Pacific Ocean. The westernmost point of Kiribati is on Banaba Island at the longitudinal coordinate of 169°32'13" E.

Total Size and Population Density of Kiribati

The total area of Kiribati is roughly three-hundred-twenty-eight square miles. Kiribati has a population of 119,486 people, according to a recent 2019 calculation. With a population of almost 120,000 people, Kiribati is not even home to 0% of the world’s population. Out of a total of 196 countries in all, Kiribati is the 193rd most populated countries. It might make more sense to declare Kiribati the fourth least populated country on the globe.

By knowing the population and total area values of Kiribati, it is possible to calculate the population density of the country. Taking the population and dividing it by the overall area results in a population density value of 365, meaning that there are 365 people in Kiribati for every square mile within the country’s borders.

Official Name
Independent and Sovereign Republic of Kiribati
Common Name
811 km²
Calling Code
South Tarawa
1.41666666, 173

Where is Kiribati in the World?

Kiribati: Continent View