Where is Kuwait in the World?

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Kuwait is considered part of Western Asia. Kuwait - also known as the Republic of Kuwait - is situated in Asia, very near to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The country of Kuwait also borders the Persian Gulf in the north.

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates of Kuwait

Kuwait is situated in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The GPS coordinates of Kuwait are 29.3117° N and 47.4818° E. Paying particular attention to the latitudinal coordinate of Kuwait; it is clear that this Asian country is positioned above the equator, denoted by the capital N of the latitudinal coordinate. As opposed to a northern coordinate, a southern coordinate would place Kuwait to the south of the equator.

Furthest Points in Four Cardinal Directions

Kuwait’s northernmost point has a latitude of 30°06' N, which is a coordinate that falls on the border between Kuwait and Iraq. In the south, Kuwait’s furthest point is a latitudinal coordinate of 28°32' N. The southernmost point is situated along the dividing line between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The Al Ahmadi Governorate is a governorate in Kuwait. With a longitude of 28°32' N, the easternmost point of Kuwait is found off the coast of the Al Ahmadi Governorate. The most extreme eastern point is on Qaruh Island. In the west, Kuwait extends as far as the Al Jahra Governorate. With the longitude of 46°34' E, the westernmost point of Kuwait rests along the border shared by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

Kuwait’s Area and Population Size

The total area of Kuwait is approximately 6,880 square miles in all. As a landlocked country, Kuwait has no access to water resources, meaning the country’s total area is comprised of land. The total area of Kuwait ranks as the 153rd largest total area in the world.

As of 2018, there is an estimated number of 4,225,699 people who live in the country. Kuwait’s population is the 130th largest in comparison to every country in the entire world, equating to about 0.05% of the world’s population. By dividing the area by the population of Kuwait, it is easy to find the country’s population density. With a value of about n 615 people per square mile, Kuwait is the 61st most dense country in regards to population.

Official Name
State of Kuwait
Common Name
17,818 km²
Bordering Countries
Iraq, Saudi Arabia
Calling Code
Kuwait City
29.5, 45.75
Western Asia, The Middle East

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