Where is Lebanon in the World?

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As a Middle Eastern country, Lebanon can be found on the continent of Asia. Approximately 95% of Lebanon’s population is comprised of Arabs while the other 5% is made up of people of Armenian descent or different nationalities.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Lebanon

The GPS coordinates of Lebanon are 33.8547° N and 35.8623° E. Lebanon shares borders with two other countries: Syria in the north and east, and Israel in the south. To the west of Lebanon lies the Mediterranean Sea.

Lebanon: Total Area, Population, and Density

Lebanon is 1.8% water and 98.2% land. The breakdown of these percentages is square miles of 72.65 square miles of water and 3,963.35 square miles of land. Altogether, Lebanon has a total area equivalent to 4,036 square miles.

The most recent census of Lebanon was conducted in 2018. The population of Lebanon is currently around 6,081,016 people. Lebanon is the 12th largest country in the Middle East out of a total of 16 countries. With a population of only 0.08% of people on Earth, Lebanon’s population is a small fraction of the world’s population.

The population density is calculated by dividing the population by the total area. In terms of Lebanon’s size relative to population, the country has a density of approximately 1,507 people per square mile.

Levels of Elevation in Lebanon: Highest, Mean, and Lowest

The mean elevation level of Lebanon is 4,101 feet above sea level. Two main mountain ranges pass through Lebanon. The Lebanon Mountain Range begins in western Lebanon and extends into the central regions of the country. The Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range is along the eastern border of Lebanon, stretching beyond Lebanon’s borders into Syrian boundaries.

Surprisingly, the tallest point of elevation across the entire country is not part of either of these significant ranges. Instead, this point is at the very top of Qurnat as Sawda'. With an altitude of 10,128 feet above sea level, Qurnat as Sawda’ is a peak atop the mountain of Jabal al-Makmel in northern Lebanon.

In contrast, the lowest point of elevation in Lebanon is along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Since this point is at sea level, the elevation is 0 feet.

Official Name
Lebanese Republic
Common Name
10,452 km²
Bordering Countries
Israel, Syria
Calling Code
33.83333333, 35.83333333
Western Asia, The Middle East

Lebanon: Continent View