Where is Lesotho in the World?

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Lesotho is a country in the southern region of Africa. Technically, Lesotho is an enclave, meaning it is a territory within a different state. In terms of Lesotho's geographic positioning, this enclave is situated in the African country of South Africa.

Lesotho’s GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of Lesotho are made up of two points: a latitude and a longitude. The latitudinal coordinate of Lesotho is 29.6100° S, placing the country in the southern hemisphere and below the equator. The longitudinal coordinate of the country is 28.2336° E, meaning Lesotho is situated in the eastern hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Four Cardinal Directions

To the north, Lesotho’s furthest point is located in Monantsa. This point has a latitude of 28°34' S. In contrast, the southernmost point of Lesotho is Quthing District. As part of the southern hemisphere, this point is positioned at a latitude of 30°40' S.

The easternmost point of Lesotho has a longitudinal coordinate of 29°28' E. This point is located in the district of Mokhotlong. As part of the border that Lesotho shares with South Africa, the eastern extremity lies just outside of a city called Mokhotlong.

To the west, Lesotho’s longitudinal coordinate is 27°00' E. This point is positioned along the border that separates South Africa and Lesotho. Just outside of the Mafeteng District, this point is near the city of Mabotse.

Population, Area, and Density

The current population of Lesotho is an estimated 2,278,974 people. As the 145th largest country based on population size alone, Lesotho accounts for about 0.03% of the global population.

The country’s total area comes to a total of 11,720 square miles. As a landlocked country in Africa, Lesotho does not have a coastline, nor are there any primary water sources within the country’s parameters. That said, all of Lesotho is land-based. With a width of 109.5 miles and a length of 61.19 miles, Lesotho is made up of ten distinct districts.

By dividing the country’s population by the total area, we can figure out how many people there are concerning the total square mileage of Lesotho. This value, called the population density, comes to approximately 195, so in other words, for every square mile in Lesotho, there are about 195 people.

Official Name
Kingdom of Lesotho
Common Name
30,355 km²
Bordering Countries
South Africa
Calling Code
-29.5, 28.5
Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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