Where is Liberia in the World?

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As a country in West Africa, Liberia is located along the western coast of Africa. The name of the Republic of Lithuania officially calls Liberia. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the southern region, Liberia also shares borders with Guinea, the Côte d’Ivoire, and Sierra Leone. As a former United States colony, Liberia gained absolute independence from the U.S. until the year 1862.

Geographic Coordinates of Liberia

Liberia has a latitude of 6.4281° N, and longitude of 9.4295° W. The GPS coordinates of Liberia place the country in the northern and western hemispheres. The latitudinal coordinate of Liberia places the West African country above the equator, as indicated by its coordinate position in the north.

Most Extreme Points of Liberia

In the north, Liberia reaches as far as a latitude of 08°33' N. This point is found along the border between Guinea and Liberia. In the opposite cardinal direction, the southernmost point of 04°21' N. The most extreme point to the south is located on Cape Palmas.

Liberia’s westernmost point is in the county of Grand Cape Mount. With a GPS longitudinal coordinate of 11°30' W, Liberia’s most western point ranks as number 57 on the list of western points of all countries. This point is situated along the border that Sierra Leone and Liberia share near the Atlantic Ocean. In the east, Liberia shares a border with Côte d'Ivoire. Along this border, at a longitude of 7°22' West. The most extreme point of Liberia in the east is part of the River Gee County.

Total Area, Population Size, and Density

The area of Liberia is approximately 43,000 square miles in total. Of this total area, Liberia is 86.5% land and 13.5% water. About 37,189 square miles make up Liberia’s land regions, and the remaining 5,810 square miles of Liberia are water areas, including the country’s coastline. Liberia’s total area is the 102nd largest value compared to all other countries in the world.

Liberia has a population size of about 4,912,103 people. As the 124th most populated country in the world, Liberia only accounts for an estimated 0.06% of the population of the entire world. When the population of Liberia is divided by the county’s total area, the resulting calculation is the population density. Liberia has a population density of about 115 people per square mile.

Official Name
Republic of Liberia
Common Name
111,369 km²
Bordering Countries
Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone
Calling Code
6.5, -9.5
Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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