Where is Libya in the World?

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Libya is a country in Africa. It is surrounded by six other African countries, with one water-based border that lies on the coast of the Gulf of Sidra and the Mediterranean Sea. The countries of Tunisia and Algeria lie along the western edge of Libya. To the south, Libya shares borders with Niger and Chad. In the east, both Egypt and Sudan lie on the other side of Libya's eastern border.

GPS Location

Libya’s GPS coordinates are made up of a latitude of 26° 20' 4.96" N and a longitude of 17° 16' 9.16" E. The GPS coordinates place Libya above the equator. The country of Libya is also within the northern and eastern hemispheres.

Most Extreme Points of Libya

The northernmost point of Libya is found at a GPS coordinate of 33°10' N. At this particular latitude lies a place by the name of Ras Ajdir, which is a coastal town that along the border between Libya and the country of Tunisia. Libya’s most northern point is the seventy-fifth northernmost point in the world, compared to all other countries on the earth.

The southernmost point of the country of Libya is at the intersection of Sudan, Chad, and Libya. Called a tri-point, this point is positioned at a latitude of 19°30' N. Out of all the most southern points among every country in the world, Libya’s southernmost point of extremity ranks as the 119th most southern coordinate.

In terms of Libya’s most extreme point in the east, the easternmost point of the country has a longitude of 25°05' E. This particular longitudinal coordinate falls on the border that Libya shares with Egypt. More specifically, Libya’s easternmost point can be found in Al Butnan, which is an administrative district in Libya.

To the west, Libya extends as far as a longitude of 9°20' E. At this particular point, Libya reaches an extremity of the border shared between Libya and Algeria. At this longitude, Libya’s westernmost point is in the country’s district of Ghat.

Total Size and Population Density of Libya

Libya’s total area is calculated as approximately 679,358 square miles, all of which are land regions. Libya does not have any major bodies of water within its borders. The population of Libya is currently about 6,526,893 people. As the 108th most populated place of all countries and dependent nations in the world, Libya has a population density of about ten people per square mile of land.

Official Name
State of Libya
Common Name
1,759,540 km²
Bordering Countries
Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia
Calling Code
25, 17
Northern Africa

Where is Libya in the World?

Libya: Continent View