Where is Lithuania in the World?

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Lithuania is a country in northeastern Europe. Known as the Republic of Lithuania, this country is part of the Baltic Region. Rightfully so, Lithuania is positioned along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The country is surrounded by four other European countries as well.

In the north and northeast, Lithuania shares borders with Latvia. To the south and southeast of Lithuania lies Belarus. Poland is both south and southwest of Lithuania. Russia is to the west of Lithuania and shares a border with about half of the western region of Lithuania, with the remaining mileage lining the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Total Area, Population, and Density Values

Lithuania has a total area of 25,212 square miles. Approximately 1.35%, or 340.36 square miles of Lithuania, are water areas. The remaining 98.65%, or 24,871.64 square miles, are land areas. Based on total area, Lithuania is the 121st largest country in the world.

The population of Lithuania is currently around 2,871,034 people. Compared to the population of the entire world, Lithuania is only home to 0.04% of the sum of everyone on the earth. Lithuania is the 141st largest country in the world based solely on population. The population density of Lithuania is a value of 118.6, meaning that there are roughly 119 people per square mile of land and water areas.

Lithuania: Most Extreme Points and Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of Lithuania are 55.1694° N, and 23.8813° E. Lithuania is to the north of the equator. The northernmost point in all of Lithuania is in the city of Aspariskiai, in the Panevezio Apskritis county. To the south, the city of Lazdijai is the most extreme point of Lithuania. This point is along the border between Poland and Lithuania.

The easternmost point of Lithuania is along the border separating Lithuania and Belarus. Lithuania is sectioned into municipalities, which are comparable to cities. That said, the most extreme point in the east is found in the Ignalina District Municipality. To the west, Lithuania extends as far as 20°58’ E in the Neringa Municipality. The westernmost point is on the border Lithuania shares with Russia. There is a giant dune, called the Curonian Spit, that is viewed as the physical representation of the division between Lithuania and Russia.

Official Name
Republic of Lithuania
Common Name
65,300 km²
Bordering Countries
Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Russia
Calling Code
56, 24
Northern Europe

Lithuania: Continent View