Where is Luxembourg in the World?

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Luxembourg is a country in the northwest region of Europe. Three other European nations surround Luxembourg, making it a landlocked country. Known more formally as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the country is one of the smallest ones in all of Europe, not to mention in the entire world.

Luxembourg's GPS Coordinates and Borders

The GPS coordinates of Luxembourg are 49.8153° N and 6.1296° E. A latitude in the north and longitude in the east places Luxembourg in the northern and eastern hemispheres, respectively. To the north, Luxembourg shares a border with the European country of Belgium. Germany is to the east of Luxembourg and France is to the west.

Total Area and Population of Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a total area of approximately 998.6 square miles, earning the country the title of the 168th largest country in the world. Since there is a total of 195 countries around the globe, it is just as accurate to say that Luxembourg is the 27th smallest country.

The population of Luxembourg registers at about 593,309 people as of 2018. In terms of the population rather than the total area, Luxembourg ranks even lower on the list of largest countries. In a comparison looking at the populations of every country around the world, Luxembourg appears to be the 164th largest, or 23rd smallest, country.

The population density of Luxembourg can be determined by dividing the total area by the population. In doing so, the calculation returns a value of 594.14 as Luxembourg’s population density. Therefore, the population density of Luxembourg is approximately 595 people per square mile of the total area.

Highest, Lowest, and Average Levels of Elevation

The average level of elevation in Luxembourg is 800 feet above sea level. The highest point of Luxembourg soars at an impressive height of 1,837.27 feet above sea level. The tallest point is situated atop a hill called Kneiff, in a forest by the name of the Ardennes. Luxembourg is divided into areas called communes, of which there are 102 in all. The Ardennes are part of Troisvierges, which is a commune in the northern part of Luxembourg. The country’s lowest point registers at an altitude of 436.35 feet above sea level. Located in Wasserbillig, the town of Moselle is the location of Luxembourg’s lowest point of elevation.

Official Name
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Common Name
2,586 km²
Bordering Countries
Belgium, France, Germany
Calling Code
49.75, 6.16666666
Western Europe

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