Where is Malawi in the World?

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Malawi, or the Republic of Malawi, is a southeast African country that is surrounded by land. To the north of Malawi lie the African countries of Tanzania and Zambia. Mozambique lies along the eastern, southern, and western borders of Malawi, too. Interestingly enough, Malawi is relatively tiny to the point where Lake Malawi comprises approximately an entire third of the total area of the country.

GPS Coordinates of Malawi

Malawi has GPS coordinates of 13° 15' 4.38" S and 34° 18' 5.50" E. The first of the two points is called the latitude. The latitudinal location of Malawi shows that the country is in the southern hemisphere, which places Malawi beneath the equator. The second of the two points is called the longitude. This point expresses Malawi’s position in the eastern hemisphere.

Furthest Points to the North, South, East, and West

In the north, the country of Malawi reaches a point of extremity just south of a city called Ngomba. The coordinate of Malawi’s northernmost point is 09°22' S. Malawi’s most southern point is positioned at a latitudinal coordinate of 17°07' S. This particular GPS coordinate falls within the district of Nsanje.

In the very east, Malawi extends as far as a longitude of 35°55' E. This point is situated along the border between Malawi and Mozambique, as part of Malawi’s Machinga District. With a longitude of 32°40' E, the most western point of Malawi is located along the border between Mozambique and Malawi, just like the country’s easternmost point. However, Malawi’s westernmost point is part of the country’s Mchinji District.

Malawi’s Size and Population

The population of Malawi currently hovers around a total of 19,480,888 people, as of the year 2019. With a population of nearly nineteen-and-a-half million residents, the people who live in Malawi somehow manage to only account for 0.26% of the entire world’s population. Compared to all other countries and dependencies on Earth, Malawi is the sixtieth most populated place to live.

Malawi has an estimated total area of approximately 45,747 square miles, of which 9,422 square miles are water areas. The rest of the 36,324 square miles are land regions. This breakdown between land and water makes Malawi a country that is 79% land and 21% water. As a country comprised of twenty-eight districts, Malawi stretches vertically for 276.56 miles and travels horizontally for 126.8 miles. The population divided by the country’s total area results in a population density value of 426 people per square mile.

Official Name
Republic of Malawi
Common Name
118,484 km²
Bordering Countries
Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia
Calling Code
-13.5, 34
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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