Where is Moldova in the World?

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Known as the Republic of Moldova, officially, and the Republica Moldova by native Romanian speakers, Moldova is located in Europe. As an Eastern European country, Moldova shares borders with two other countries: Ukraine and Romania. Ukraine surrounds the edges of Moldova in nearly every direction. While Ukraine borders Moldova in the north, south, and east, Romania is west of Moldova.

Moldova's GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of Moldova are comprised of two points: a latitude and a longitude. The latitudinal coordinate of Moldova is 47.4116° N. This point lies in the northern hemisphere of the world. The country's longitudinal coordinate of 28.3699° E is positioned in the eastern hemisphere and is located above the equator.

Furthest Points Along Moldova's Borders

In the north, Moldova has an extreme latitude of 48°28' N. The northernmost point of Moldova is in a village by the name of Naslavcea, which rests in the Moldovan district of Ocnița. In contrast, the southernmost point of Moldova is found along the border shared by Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania. This point has a latitude of 45°28' N. It is located in a commune by the name of Giurgiulești in the Moldavian district of Cahul.

To the east, Moldova's furthest point is in Moldova's city, Palanca, in the Ștefan Vodă District. It is situated at a longitude of 30°10' E, along the border that the country shares with Ukraine. The longitudinal coordinate of 26°40' E is the most western point of Moldova. This point is in the city of Criva, which lies in the district of Briceni.

Moldova's Population Size and Total Area

As of 2019, Moldova has a population size of about 4,035,263 people. The country’s population is the 132nd largest across the globe. Moldova trails behind Panama as the most populous, beating the country of Georgia by roughly 135,000 people.

Moldova is approximately 52.06 miles wide and 214.05 miles long. Regarding physical size, the total area of Moldova is 13,070 square miles. Of this entire area, approximately 12,699 square miles are land-based regions, while the other 371 square miles are water areas. Based on total area alone, Moldova ranks as the 135th largest country in the world.

Moldova: Continent View