Where is Namibia in the World?

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Namibia or the Republic of Namibia, can be found on the continent of Africa. As part of the southernmost region of Africa, Namibia is positioned along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Excluding the western border of Namibia, all other sides of the country share borders with four other African countries. In the north, Namibia is bordered by both Angola and Zambia. The country of South Africa lies along the eastern and southern borders of Namibia. Botswana is found along Namibia's eastern border as well.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Namibia

The latitude and longitude of Namibia are 22° 58' 1.42" S and 18° 29' 34.80" E, respectively. Namibia is positioned in both the southern and eastern hemispheres. As a country in the southern hemisphere, Namibia also lies below the globe’s equator.

Namibia’s Most Extreme Points in Every Direction

In the north, Namibia’s most extreme point is located on the Kunene River. Situated just north of a town called Otjivakuanda, Namibia’s northernmost point has a latitude of 16°56' S. The southernmost point of Namibia is very close to the small village of Onseepkans. Located near the Orange River, this point is just a short distance away from South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. The most southern point of Namibia has a latitude of 28°58' S.

To the east, Namibia extends as far as a longitude of 25°15' E. As part of the border that Namibia shares with both Zimbabwe and Zambia, this coordinate falls in the Caprivi Region of Namibia. The easternmost point of the country has a longitude of 25°15' E. In the opposite direction, Namibia extends as far as a longitudinal coordinate of 25°15' E. This point is positioned along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also considered part of the Kunene Region of Namibia.

How Large is the Total Area of Namibia?

As a country of thirteen distinct regions, Namibia is about 185 miles wide and roughly 761 miles long. The total area of Namibia is approximately 318,259 square miles of land and sea. About 317,872 square miles of Namibia is made up of land-based regions, whereas the remaining 387 square miles are primarily water regions.

Namibia has a population of 2,618,367 people. With a population of over two million people, Namibia is the home of only 0.03% of the population on Earth. Out of a total number of 196 countries and dependencies, Namibia ranks as the 143rd most populated place to live. By taking the estimated population of Namibia and dividing it by the country’s total area, the population density results. For Namibia, the population density of the African country is about nine people per square mile of area.

Official Name
Republic of Namibia
Common Name
825,615 km²
Bordering Countries
Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia
Calling Code
-22, 17
Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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