Niger Flag

Niger Flag

What does the flag of Niger look like? Niger's flag is a horizontal triband of orange, white, and green with an orange circle in the middle of white band.

Meaning of the Flag

The colors of Niger’s flag symbolize the Sahara Desert, purity, hope and the regions of south Niger. The flag also features a circle in the center, which is meant to represent independence, as well as the sun. The tricolor design is also a nod to France, as Niger was once a colony of France.

Colors of the Flag

The Nigerian flag has three colors: orange, white and green. These three colors make up the tricolor design similar to the flag of France. The orange band represents the northern part of the Sahara. It is also symbolic of the sun. The white band represents purity, although some people say that is symbolizes the River Niger. Finally, the green band is symbolic of the fertile areas in southern Niger and it also represents hope. There is also an orange circle located in the center white band, which represents both the sun and independence.

History of the Flag

When Nigeria was under the rule of France, it used the flag of France. A year before it gained its independence, the country adopted a new national flag. This flag was the one that is still in use today, and its design is similar both to the national flag of France and the flag of India. The current flag was designed in 1958 and was officially adopted on November 23, 1959.

Flag Facts

The Nigerian flag is very similar to the national flag of India. The ratio, the shade of orange used, and the symbol used on the flag are the only differences.

The modern flag used today was the first national flag used by Nigeria.

Orange, White, Green


Three equal horizontal columns, with orange on top, white in the center and green on bottom, with an orange circle in the center

Niger Flag

Niger Flag

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