Where is North Macedonia in the World?

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The official title of North Macedonia is the Republic of North Macedonia. Positioned in the southeast region of Europe, North Macedonia is part of the Balkan Peninsula. In total, the Balkans consists of thirteen countries, but seven of them are only partially within the Peninsula. In no particular order, these countries include Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Greece. North Macedonia is one of the six nations that are entirely within the boundaries of the Balkan Peninsula, the rest of which are Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania.

Surrounding Countries and GPS Coordinates

North Macedonia is found at a latitude of 41.6086° N and a longitude of 21.7453° E. Based on the directional indicators of North Macedonia’s GPS coordinates, you can tell that the country is situated in the northern and eastern hemispheres.

The Republic of North Macedonia is separated into eight areas, called statistical regions. The country shares land borders with four other countries. Serbia is north and northwest of North Macedonia, while Albania is to the east and slightly southeast. Kosovo is also part of the northwest border of North Macedonia. To the south of North Macedonia lies Greece, which also extends a few miles along the eastern edge of North Macedonia. Bulgaria borders Macedonia to the east.

North Macedonia's Most Extreme Points

In the north, the most extreme point of Macedonia is the city of Boskovic, located at a latitude of 42°21’ N, while the southernmost point is positioned along the Greece-Macedonia border at a latitude of 40°52’ N. To the east, North Macedonia extends as far as the line of longitude, 23° E, in the Eastern Statistical Region, the point at which Bulgaria and North Macedonia diverge. In the west, the furthest point of North Macedonia is at a longitude of 20°30’ E. As part of the Southwestern Statistical Region, this point of extremity is situated along the Albanian-Macedonian border.

Total Area, Population, and Density of North Macedonia

The total area of North Macedonia is approximately 9,928 square miles, of which 9,820 square miles are land areas, and 108 square miles are water areas, such as rivers, basins, lakes, and reservoirs. Macedonia ranks as number 145 on the list of countries by region, from largest to smallest total square mileage.

The population of North Macedonia has reached a total count of approximately 2,085,876 people, and climbing, as of 2018. As the 147th most populous country in the world, North Macedonia accounts for a mere 0.03% of the global population. The population density of the Republic of North Macedonia comes to approximately 213 people for every square mile in North Macedonia.

Official Name
Republic of North Macedonia
Common Name
North Macedonia
25,713 km²
Bordering Countries
Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia
Calling Code
41.83333333, 22
Southern Europe

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