Where is Norway in the World?

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Norway is a Nordic country in Europe’s northwestern region. Known as the Kingdom of Norway, the country is also one of four countries that make up the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway is surrounded by Finland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, the Barents Sea, the Skagerrak Strait, and the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Latitude and Longitude of Norway

The latitudinal coordinate of Norway is 60.4720° N. The European country's longitude is 8.4689° E. Norway's GPS coordinates place the country in the northern and eastern hemispheres. Similarly, the latitude of Norway expresses the fact that the country lies above the equator.

Norway's Most Extreme Points

Two points share the northernmost point of Norway. On Norway's mainland, the most northern point is found in the cape of Nordkinn. Situated in the Nordkinn Peninsula, this point has a latitude of 71°08' N. Looking beyond the mainland of Norway; there is another northernmost point of the country. When looking beyond the mainland and taking Norway's offshore into consideration, the island of Rossøya, in the archipelago of Svalbard, is the most extreme point of all of Norway.

In the south, there are also two points of extremity. On the mainland of Norway, the furthest point in the south is located at a latitude of 58°00' N. This point is part of the municipality of Lindesnes in Norway's county of Vest-Agder. With islands and offshore points in mind, Norway's furthest point in the south has a latitudinal coordinate of 57°57' N. This point can be found in Pysen, located in the Norwegian region of Mandal.

The easternmost point of Norway is just like the southernmost point, meaning there are two possible eastern points of extremity. On Norway's mainland, is the peninsula of Kibergsneset in the Norwegian municipality of Vardø. With a longitude of 31°01' E, this point is located in Finnmark County and is the furthest point to the east is located in Kræmerpynten. With a longitude of 33°30'59" E, this point is on the island of Kvitøya of the Svalbard Archipelago.

There are two westernmost points of Norway. On the mainland of Norway, the most western point is positioned at a longitude of 4°56'E. This coordinate is in Vardetangen in the municipality of Austrheim. The island of Jan Mayen is home to Høybergodden, which happens to be the other point of extremity in western Norway. With a longitudinal coordinate of 9°04'39" W, Norway's westernmost extremity is the fifty-ninth most extreme western point across all 196 countries in the world.

Official Name
Kingdom of Norway
Common Name
323,802 km²
Bordering Countries
Finland, Sweden, Russia
Calling Code
62, 10
Northern Europe

Where is Norway in the World?

Norway: Continent View