History of Pakistan | How Old is Pakistan?

How Old is Pakistan?

Officially named the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it was officially created as a sovereign nation in 1947, making it 75 years old.

Key Facts about Pakistan

Pakistan was created during the British partition of 1947, as a separation from India. It was a way to separate the largely Hindu and Muslim populations, thought to be extremely hostile to one another. In doing so, Britain cut land territories at an obscure border, which ultimately separated many friends and families from being able to be with one another. It is thought to be an extremely inhumane solution to a problem that was aggravated by their very presence. It was initially part of the Commonwealth until 1956 when Pakistan became a republic.

The largely Protestant British leaders were widely against the creation of Pakistan, as it was seen as an enemy to the Christian faith and the overall British rule. Pakistan is the only country to have been created in the name of Islam and does not separate faith and state from any matter. This caused much friction with the ideals of some ethnic groups within Pakistan, mainly the citizens of the East Bengals. Parliament was created shortly in 1973 and Bangladesh became its own country between 1971 and 1973, as its citizens wanted a more secular approach to governmental institutions. After the secession of Bangladesh, parliament voted to officially make Pakistan an Islamic state.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
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History of Pakistan | How Old is Pakistan?

How old is Pakistan?

The country of Pakistan is 1313 years old, founded in the year 711.

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