Where is Pakistan in the World?

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Pakistan, or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a South Asian country. The borders of Pakistan are directly shared with four other countries. In the north, Pakistan is surrounded by India in the east. Along its southwestern border, Somalia is separated from Iran. China lies along the northeasternmost border of Somalia. In the northwest, the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan acts as a separation between Pakistan and Tajikistan. The Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea both border Pakistan in the south.

The GPS Coordinates of Pakistan

Pakistan's GPS coordinates are comprised of two points: a latitude and a longitude. The latitude of Pakistan is 30.3753° N, which denotes Pakistan's positioning in the northern hemisphere. The longitude of the country is 69.3451° E, meaning it is part of the eastern hemisphere. Together, these points indicate that Pakistan is situated to the north of the equator.

The Furthest Points in Four Cardinal Directions

The northernmost point of Pakistan is located in Kilik Pass of the Karakorum Mountain Range. The latitude of this point is 37°06' N, which is positioned very near to China. To the south, Pakistan goes as far as a latitude of 23°42' N. The southernmost point of Pakistan is located in the province of Sindh. Interestingly, Pakistan is comprised of only four provinces in all. The most extreme point of Pakistan in the south is positioned within the country's Keti Bunder South Wildlife Sanctuary.

The easternmost point of Pakistan is in the country's territory of Northern Areas. Also known as Gilgit-Baltistan, this territory encompasses the border that Pakistan shares with India and China. The GPS coordinate of Pakistan's easternmost point is 77°30' E. In the west, the country of Pakistan extends to a longitude of 61°00' E. As part of the border between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, the most extreme point of Pakistan to the west is part of the country's Balochistan Province.

Population Size, Total Area, and Density Value of Pakistan

The population of Pakistan is about 202,750,599 people, as of the most recent data. Pakistan’s total area is 307,372 square miles, of which 297,635 square miles are land, and 9,737 square miles are made up of water areas. The population density of Pakistan is approximately 660 people per square mile.

Official Name
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Common Name
881,912 km²
Bordering Countries
Afghanistan, China, India, Iran
Calling Code
30, 70
Southern Asia, South Central Asia

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